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Thread: Walking Stick's Menagerie of 'Mags

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    Walking Stick's Menagerie of 'Mags

    How yinz doin'! So here's my planned collection of 25 'Mags showcasing the modularity of the Airgun Designs platform. It's my hope to illustrate the diversity of 'Mag parts past and present.

    The Ultra Y2K Micromag, Crazy Smart Minimag and Syzygy Mag are my oldest and still work. The Pump Rental Automag, Face Smelter Minimag, Zee Smear RT and Pneu X-Kitty worked before I went on a paintball hiatus from 2012-17. The rest are pre-hiatus pieces and recent acquisitions that are still being hobbled into AGD magnificence.

    The first 3 up are the very special Triple Tuna Mags for my two brothers and I - we're triplets! So each of us will have a Tunafish valve in a Deadlywind body on a vertical 90 degree frame with recurved trigger and other uncommon parts. This family trio is going to turn heads on any field they go.

    1-5 are my Micromags which span generations 2-5.5. The fixed barrel gen1 doesn't interest me due to its barrel limitation and the gen6 2k9 is just a boring, uninspired blob that's known to have air issues. The multi-position breech is certainly one-of-a-kind though.

    (A.) Black Fin TunaMag
    The rare Tuna rail and valve were fortuitous acquisitions back when I first started collecting extra 'Mag parts and are now earnarked for my oldest brother's 'Mag build. The valve is certainly unique with only the "Tuna" and no "X" and the "TMX" serial lasering. However, the main part of the build is the only piece still missing - a Karta body! The Karta body was the most-produced DW body with over 150+ but since I started looking last year to finish this build I have come up with bupkis. The few I found the sellers either won't reply, won't separate from an Emag with a $1k+ asking price, or is snatched by lurkers in the shadows. Eventually we'll find one and then probably ano it green.

    - Deadlywind Karta body
    - CCM No-Pro feedneck
    - "Tuna" X valve #TMX009
    - TunaRail RTP-length rail
    - Magnus M90 Emancipator frame
    - Magnus Talon trigger
    - Luke's Hex aluminum 90 grip panels
    - TunaPack battery pack cover
    - Inception Designs Stella barrel kit

    (B.) Blue Fin TunaMag
    After sitting on AO for several weeks in 2010 I picked up this exquisite 'Mag for my middle brother whose favorite color is blue. An original Tunamart 'Mag! Too bad mech is making a comeback and re-popularizing the 'Mag market as I don't think I'll see a sweeter deal ever again.

    - Deadlywind dimpled Dallara body & rail
    - RPG Strangler feedneck
    - dust blue "Tuna X" valve #VV06315
    - RPG Chimera frame
    - blue AGD Blade
    ~or black RPG SlingBlade Pro triggers
    - Luke's 90 smooth aluminum grip panels
    - DYE Comfort gas-thru
    ~or DW g2 angled carbon fiber foregrips
    - DYE UL barrel kit

    (C.) Red Fin TunaMag
    After 8 years my Tuna'd VMF Chord project that is finally done and ready for ano! Black is boring and uninspiring so I like the idea of flowing the red from the valve to rail to foregrip; then a gloss light red ano like raw mahi mahi or red snapper for the rest (with dust red splash over it?!). The wavy Logic-spec trigger is unique with an unknown creator, even after I posted about this trigger.

    - DeadlyWind Chord v2 AM-length body
    - RPG SubZero feedneck
    - red "Tuna X" valve #VV06316
    - RPG MiniWave rail
    - Logic Industries Vertical Mag Frame (VMF) v2
    - (creator unknown) wavy Logic trigger
    - Luke's custom "scales" aluminum 90 panels
    - Luke's 1-piece smooth foregrip
    - Doc's Machine Tanto barrel, Freak-bored

    (1.) Jungle Equinox Micromag
    I want one of the beautiful PK Selective ano'd Jungle-series Micromag but know that's rather unrealistic. What's more likely is to have one custom ano-matched, perhaps one side in Jungle Sunset with Tropical Jungle on the other! To give it even more real estate to show off the ano I'll add an eMicro battery pack which will also hide an LPR with the rest of the pneumatics in the frame. All on a rare (1 of 15, maybe 11) STO-threaded feedneck Limited Edition Micro2k body!

    - Pro Team Products Micromag 2000 LE gen5.5 unibody
    - PTP "eMag Micro 2000" valve #GFX
    - Luke's MiniVert Double frame
    - Luke's Trex pneumatics
    - Luke's UltraBlade trigger
    - Lukes's MV2 panels
    - PTP eMag Micro 2000 battery pack cover
    - Luke's E-mag battery pack gas-thru adapter

    - Armson Stealth barrel

    (2.) Ultra Y2K Micromag
    The one that started it all! I borrowed an Ultra Nickel Micromag RT from a friend for a tournament in the early 2000s and loved everything about it. I saw one pop up in the late 2000s and didn't let it get away. That's when the AGD addiction began. The dream would be to finish the build off with a Dan/MagHog/Triggernomics trigger on it - AND IT NOW DOES!!!

    - Pro Team Products Micromag 2000 gen5 unibody in Ultra Nickel with fixed vert feed
    - "68Micromag A.I.R." valve #GFX10572
    - AGD Y-Grip frame nickel
    - MagHog/Triggernomics swoosh trigger
    - KAPP grip panels chrome-plated
    - PTP Micromag Ultra Nickel foregrip
    - PTP Micromag Ultra Nickel Armson barrel

    (3.) Satin Tiger Micromag
    I like the PTP Nights and Tiger ano patterns but the Satin Iguana always stood out most to me. I'll differ slightly and go for a custom Satin Tiger ano with brushed black on orange. The trigger on the Medusa actually looks like a fang and fits with the scheme. Makes me think of all the tigers throughout my childhood - Daniel the Striped Tiger, Shere Kahn, Raja, Tony, Calvin's Hobbes...

    - ProTeam Products Micromag gen4 w/ Auer 3D offset-vert
    - custom tiger ano'd X valve #GFXHOBBES
    - Benchmark Medusa frame and trigger
    - custom 45 panels
    - PTP Micromag VASA
    - Benchmark 6-stage expansion chamber
    - PTP 8" Micromag "nut" barrel (bored?)
    - Armson OEG sight

    (4.) Stranger Danger Micromag
    I made a deal for this Team Strange splashed gen3 Micromag and what's unique is that it has a standard feed port instead of the more common powerfeed. The matching double-trigger frame and VASA is nice, and I'll round it out with a black Armson barrel, gutted Benchmark expansion chamber and ReTro Micro valve. Hopefully, the L10 isn't too problematic for this earlier Micro.

    - ProTeam Products Micromag gen3 standard feed-right unibody
    - "ReTro Valve, 68Micromag" valve #GFX10572
    - Benchmark double-trigger frame
    - RPG Splinter trigger
    - custom 45 panels

    - PTP Micro VASA
    - PTP Intruder expansion chamber
    - Armson 8" ProSeries barrel (bored?)

    (5.) Port-side Micromag
    I figured I'd round out my Micromag collection with a gen2 on the older end and hopefully I can find a left feed version (standard or powerfeed doesn't matter as long as the feed port is on the left and detent on the right). Definitely a single trigger for a change on this Micro and I'll hope to find a unique PK Selective ano instead of an ordinary satin black marker.

    - ProTeam Products Micromag gen2 w/ powerfeed LEFT unibody
    - black "Emax" valve #EM02012
    - PTP/Benchmark single-trigger frame + trigger
    - custom 45 panels

    - PTP Micromag VASA
    - PTP 4-stage expansion chamber
    - Armson 8" ProSeries barrel

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    WTB Karta/SFL/Golden Gun/IT body/reverse "X-Valve"/TunaPack.....

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    6-10 are what I consider my Odd Ball 'Mags followed by 11-15 which are my Old School 'Mags.

    (6.) Choco Taco Mag
    I felt the Ripper design was great when it first came out on the Bob Long Intimidator and had to purchase this XMT body. The Ripper rail was a more recent acquisition which I think needs to be cut and filed some to make the pieces flow together better. It will be nano-short with the Deus Machina reg-capped valve and I think a Hershey's chocolate brown ano would do the ripples justice.

    - XMT Ripper EM-length body + rail (cut)
    - Custom Products feedneck
    - capped MCB Deus Machina "68Automag Classic" valve #CF
    - KAM M86 frame + trigger + aluminum panels
    - DIY pneumatics
    - CP direct mount ASA
    - RT Pro VASA
    - Air America Black Ice aluminum regulator
    - Custom Products gen1 2-piece barrel kit

    (7.) T-K Boundary Mag
    There have been 5 extinction level events on Earth with an on-going 6th one in debate. In regards to paintball, I pinpoint the Tom-Kaye Boundary as a significant change in the diversity of markers - from 12g CO2 pumps to constant-air/HPA semi-autos. I'm selecting the Sydarm here finished in black with a bright chartreuse (yellowy lime) Nocturnal rail to highlight its styling.

    - AGD Sydarm body Teflon/Cerakote black
    - black "Sydarm" valve #SY

    - El Panda Nocturnal rail
    - ProLine AutoResponse frame #DA02326
    - Lapco trigger shoe
    - custom aluminum 45 panels
    - White Wolf Airsmithing foregrip
    - White Wolf Airsmithing Freak back
    + WWA twisted Freak tip

    (8.) Highlander Mag
    I think a hybrid Mag that's meant to be easily swapped from pump to mech with different feed options would be cool. I picked up a Cerberus Tactical pump kit and now want to keep the other pieces blockish too with a TacOne body and 45elite frame. The linearness make me think of plaid so it's going to get a nice lime-on-navy Scottish tartan pattern once all the pieces are acquired.

    - AGD Tac-One body pump-milled
    - Luke's Deflator vertical feedneck
    ~or PTP Warp feed elbow
    ~or Apocalypse SpringPheed
    ~or CCI Stock Class stick feed

    - custom plaid ano'd "X-Valve" #VV02705
    - Luke's short TacOne Hybrid rail pump-milled
    - Desert Fox PB Supplies/PowerPulse Products/Pressure Points Inc. .45 Elite Expansion Grip frame + trigger
    - Luke's AGD Lion 45 panels
    - PTP trashcan VASA w/ CCI 12g quick changer
    - Cerberus Innovations aluminum open-top Tactical pump kit
    - Smart Parts Venturi long 14"

    (9.) Rose Prick Mag
    Once the Nummech N-Mag frame came out with its knotted trigger guard, a plan started forming for a jagged rose-ano'd 'Mag. Begrudingly, I traded off my spiked Tyson Machado rail I had earmarked for this (had it for years but never quite found a body I was happy pairing it with) so l will wait in hopes Nummech actually makes a wickedly horned Necro Mag unibody!

    - Nummech ??? unibody
    - Nummech Unilock feedneck

    - black "RT Pro X" valve #RTP01866
    - Nummech N-Mag frame
    - Nummech pneumatics kit
    - Nummech double trigger

    - Smart Parts 45 Wood Grips Rose
    - Nummech skeleton foregrip
    - Redz Pepperstickz barrel, Freak-bored

    (10.) Jekyll-n-Hyde Mag
    Since the X-Kitty now has a Reverse X my Reverse ReTro needs a new home - a Nasty twin 'Mag build is the perfect use for it! Warpless setup with Warped ULEs and some cool opposing ano scheme like vesicular volcanic rock and fluffy clouds would be interesting. Or maybe opposing Pooty anos could work here... Now to figure out the most important part - the rail.

    - AGD left + right Warp ULE bodies
    - reverse "ReTro Valve" #VV00772 + "ReTro Valve" #VV01847
    - DIY pneumatics
    - ? custom dually rail

    - KAM M86v2 frame + panels
    - Luke's Argo trigger
    - Cerberus Innovations Knuckles foregrip
    - Smart Parts All American + Teardrop Freak barrel kits

    (11.) Pump Rental Mag
    It's an engraved Field Rental valve that was part of a very utilitarian back-bottle build I ran until I recently replaced a standard AM rail with Luke's Wave rail. The ergonomics have always been exceedingly comfortable thanks to the KAPP Groovy frame and Midwest Paintball humpback. It'll eventually get a nice Hawaiian aqua water ano and strictly be a pumper. I like the polished standard right feed body but a Luke's Automag stock class conversion body or AGD Automag Prototype powerfeed-right body would be preferred for it's uniqueness.

    - AGD Automag standard feed-right polished body pump-milled
    ~or Luke's SC conversion
    ~or Prototype pf-right

    - "Field Rental 68Automag A.I.R." valve #FG38776
    - ?? perforated velocity wheel and lock
    - Luke's short Armada Hybrid rail pump-milled
    - KAPP Groovy single-trigger frame + trigger
    - Luke's Circle Hex aluminum 45 panels
    - MWPB aluminum 45 humpback adapter
    - Cerberus Innovations aluminum AGD-style pump kit
    - Barrels Of America Snakebite chromed-brass barrel

    (12.) Zee Smear Automag RT
    I had a basic black and polished RT classic that I sold when I found a Red Smear RT. I saw pics of the Euro powerfeed and jumped on a body when one finally popped up. There were stock photos of that body in black Teflon but unfortunately I never came across one so now I'll have it Cerakoted satin black to match the Z-Grip. I bought a second Red Smear to obtain the MagHog Z trigger, and I also swapped out the stock RT grooved foregrip to the more preferable RTP bike style.

    - AGD RT Euro powerfeed-right body (to be Cerakoted black)
    - "RT" valve #RT01145
    - AGD RT Red Smear rail + sight rail + powerfeed plug + tulip tip barrel + foregrip mount + foregrip structure
    - AGD wingless Z-Grip frame
    - MagHog/Triggernomics double moons trigger
    - KAPP grip panels
    - Red Smear AGD RT tulip-tip barrel

    (13.) Crazy Smart Minimag
    Crazy Black Splash - my favorite splash pattern since the old Smart Parts catalog days and I happily scored a full kit several years back. I figured the most fitting valve for this classic marker would be the infamous Magic Box also from Smart Parts. The powerfeed-right Teflon Minimag is nice but what I really lust after is an Eclipse Minimag with Euro powerfeed LEFT (which was featured in several Eclipse ads back in the day).

    - AGD Minimag powerfeed-right Teflon body
    ~or Eclipse Minimag Euro pf-left
    - "Smart Parts The Magic Box, 68Automag A.I.R." valve #SM10066
    or "SmartMag, 68Automag A.I.R" valve #SM00195
    - Smart Parts Crazy Black Splash rail + single-trigger frame + trigger + foregrip + sight rail + velocity lock + powerfeed plug + dumpy ASA + gas-through stock + Teardrop barrel

    (14.) Face Smelter Minimag
    I luckily nabbed an unmolested Diggers Center/Fire Minimag for this build. The stack of the HiRise stovepipe, red bar of a rail, habdle-style foregrip and liquid metal grip panels made me think of the old local Pittsburgh steel mills and inspired the moniker. Now I just need to find some old Diggers Silencer cleats (the first dedicated paintball shoe) to wear when I take this out!

    - Diggers Centerfeed (HiRise/stovepipe) Minimag Teflon body
    - Diggers "C/F Center Fire Mag 0150, Minimag A.I.R." valve #MM17499
    - Benchmark scalloped rail
    - AGD winged Z-Grip + red Z trigger
    - MagHog/Triggernomics liquid silver grip panels
    - Keith Millet grooved extended foregrip
    - J&J Performance Ceramic centerfeed barrel

    (15.) Golden Gun Minimag
    When RKM Designs started 3D-printing polymer 'Mag frames a single-trigger Y-Grip was the first thing on my mind and happily he printed one for me. Once XMT makes his next batch of carbon fiber bodies I'm nabbing a Minimag version for this build to complement the lightweight frame. That leaves me with having to choose a valve so I'll dream for a Golden Gun Minimag valve! Perhaps AO member "Army" will release one of his to a fellow veteran Soldier?

    - XMT 2-pc carbon fiber Minimag body
    - AKA Feed Tube
    - Golden Gun "Minimag" valve #GG
    - Venomous Designs Helium rail

    - RKM 3D-printed Y-1 frame
    - Nummech single trigger
    - _____ gold grip panels

    - Venomous Designs stubby angled carbon fiber foregrip
    - gold _____ barrel

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    I consider 16-20 my Lucky Charm 'Mags due to the colorful valves while 21-25 are my exceptional Swanky pieces.

    (16.) Syzygy Mag
    An eclipse is a syzygy - the alignment of 3 solar bodies. Therefore an Eclipse Fire splash kit, CCI-made Helios body and parts in my favorite color of red seem like a fitting combination. The red X valve was my first of the four colored AGD valves to be acquired. The red ano'd Z-Grip was a fortunate grab back in '09 from Hank and is just awesome.

    - Gearheadz Helios body gen2 (flat detent base, STO detent & CCM feedneck)
    - CCM No-Pro feedneck
    - red "X" valve #VV05962
    - Eclipse Fire splash rail + sight rail + tourney lock + powerfeed plug
    - AGD winged "Z-Grip Z-Grip" frame red
    - Luke's Z-Blade trigger (to be Fire Splash)
    - KAPP grip panels (to be Fire Splash)
    - Eclipse ribbed foregrip + barrel plug (to be Fire Splash)
    - KAPP foregrip extender
    - Equation Multiple Switch Pro/Bizerk barrel kits w/ ss EQ3 inserts

    (17.) HexAOgonal Mag
    When I obtained this standard (non-extended) AGD Sluggo body my mind flooded with the design possibilities: Aztec/Twister lines, hexagon shaped cylinder, heatsink fins, golfball dimples, Manik windows, KAPP flames, et cetera. I'd like to give a tip-of-my-hat to AGD and AO so perhaps an ano in navy/grey/orange or blue/silver/yellow mix within a splash-fade-acid wash. Adding a pew-pew-pewter X to it will round out my colored X valve collection.

    - AGD standard Slug body (to be custom milled)
    - CCM Mid-Pro feedneck
    - pewter "X" valve #VV04290
    - Luke's Gumshoe rail custom engraved (B.Q.A.S.S + AO)
    - Luke's Z2 grip #12 + trigger + panels + T-rex pneumatics
    - Palmer's custom LPR VASA
    - Smart Parts Freak back + Crown Point tip barrel

    (18.) Rogue Nation Mag
    This has turned out to be an all RPG Mag except - except for the lack of a Retent detent. The blue X valve kind of dictates this to be a Patriotic build which the Veteran in me is happy to oblige. Something graphic like the Stars & Stripes on the ACI Graffiti barrel is what I'll look to do to it.

    - RPG "Recluse" prototype 2-piece body
    - RPG SubZero feedneck
    - blue "X" valve #VV04250
    - RPG Wave rail
    - RPG Triton frame
    - RPG ViperBlade Pro trigger
    - RPG smoked polymer panels
    - RPG RogueGrip (shown) or StickGrip or CP-style+angled VASA
    - ACI Zero-Gravity Graffiti Series Flag 0.690" barrel, PHAT/Freak-bored

    (19.) Logic Blaster Minimag
    I'm going to ano match an XMT MM body to the valve and in order to highlight the tube-ness (it's going to be "totally tubular, dude!" as TMNT Raph would say! It will contrast well against the curvy Logic Alpha rail and the rest of the Logic-fied marker ano'd in an anthracite grey.

    - XMT ULE Minimag body
    - old school purple KAPP feedneck

    - purple "X" valve #VV04179
    - Logic Industries Alpha AM rail
    - Logic VMF v1 frame
    - Logic VMF v1 Blade trigger

    - AGD ULT
    - Logic rubber wraparound 90 grips
    - Logic AutoMag ForeGrip
    - Evil Pipe barrel, Freak-bored

    (20.) Goldilocks Mag
    I loved this design the second I saw the raw prototype - when it was still a separate body and rail! I put down a deposit for one but unfortunately disappeared from paintball for 5 years right after. My loss and I truly regret not finishing the transaction. Luckily, I grabbed this gold ano'd one in from cougar20th who received it from XMT as payment for designing the Shockwave body - a cool little tidbit of history.

    - XMT Shockwave unibody
    - Nummech Unilock feedneck
    - black "Shocktech" alum reg on "68Automag A.I.R." valve #CF14350
    - Cerberus Innovations Airwalk V2 frame + squiggly trigger + aluminum panels
    - DIY pneumatics
    - XMT Shockwave battery pack cover + Lc adapter
    - Lapco aluminum Big Shot/Auto Spirit/Micro Shot barrels

    (21.) Bludgeoner Mag
    If my dream of MagHog triggers, an Euro X-mag body and Cerberus Stormwalk frame can become reality then let me shoot for the moon with a Cerberus Cripple-Z! And thanks to Jake for looking out for me as I now have #005!!! Dreams really do come true here on AO; next up, a Golden Gun Minimag, Eurofeed Minimag or reasonably-priced SFL! I'd want to find an I.T. body and Omega rail to go along with the funky lihes and curves, and the ano would be one I've always wanted - Dexter-inspired blood splatter on a white/light satin silver. It'd be absolutely killer!

    - Xtreme Depot I.T. (Intimidation Technology) body
    ~or do something custom with my unused Extended Sluggo body!
    - ? some feedneck
    - custom Blood Splatter ano'd "X"valve #VVREDRUM
    - Extreme Rage Omega rail (even better with the original Omega jewel!)

    - Cerberus Innovations Cripple-Z frame + trigger + panels + foregrip
    - Hammerhead original scalloped barrel

    (22.) Hale-Bopper Mag
    I've always had a bit of an astronomy nerd in me so the current slew of cosmic/galatic ano jobs make me geek out - I too need to jump on that bandwagon! So this makes my 6th Micromag and although the aesthetics are uninspiring (I wonder if custom milling is feasible for this aluminum blob?) I really appreciate the unique multi-position breech. I want to retrofit it with the first 90-degree frame in paintball - the Angel IR3 Spaceframe! I loved that frame since I first saw it at the '02 IAO. The build name comes from the memorable '95-97 Comet Hale-Bopp.

    - Pro Team Products Micromag 2k9
    - Inception FLE feedneck
    - black reverse "X-Valve" #VV

    - WDP Angel IR3 Spaceframe w/ cutlass handguard
    - WDP Angel IR3 hook trigger
    - Luke's 90 aluminum panels
    - PTP Micromag 2k9 mech foregrip
    - Inception Stella barrel kit

    (23.) Pneu X-Kitty X-Mag
    I started a build thread on my revival of the X-Kitty X-Mag body that I bought from RogueFactor on PBLegion back in 2010 (who coincidentally also just sold me a Reverse X valve for the project!). I'm glad I went on a hiatus because my intention back then was to re-ano it black and gold for a yinzer 'Burgh scheme - it's staying original now! It will be Warp left and with a reverse valve so the roof and passenger sides are slick and free of obstructions. This 'Mag will also be my first Pneumag project and it'd be cool if I can find a way to keep it switchable but as a mech-pneu hybrid rather than mech-electro hybrid. Time will tell what I can figure out and make work.

    - AGD CnC X-Mag v1 body X-Kitty clear-to-pink fade
    - AGD CnC X-Mag Warp left breech
    ~or BigEvil CCM'd CnC vertical breech
    - custom dust black X-Kitty Reverse X valve #VVXKITTY
    (thanks to Craig Palmer at PPS for the lasering!)
    - PTP eMicromag frame (gutted)
    - DIY pneumatics
    - TunaBlade trigger
    - Luke's AO Hex aluminum EM panels
    - XMT CnC-style battery pack cover
    - J&J Performance Edge kit
    or AGD CnC stock barrel, Freak-bored

    (24.) Automooog X-Mag
    A dream Mag actually coming to fruition! I love the massive amount of real estate for ano on the Euro-X body and the combined frame/foregrip combo of the Stormwalk balance out the bulkiness. I think I'll have the driver side slotted like the passenger side so you can still see the valve lasering. My first thoughts for an ano were a Jurassic Park Ford Explorer color scheme (Jurassic Mag!) or a cow pattern (Automoog!). Then Polka dots entered my mind, like the King of the Mountain jersey in the Tour de France, or perhaps a sea storm design la PTP's Lightning Micromags. The company that did the Lightnings still exists in Ohio but a $1000+ airbrush/ano job seems excessive. Shout out to Bunny for the rare Warp Right breech!

    - AGD Euro X-Mag v2 body
    - AGD Euro X-Mag prototype Warp right breech
    ~or BigEvil CCM Mid-Pro modded Euro vertical breech
    - black "X-Mag" valve #XT00315
    - Cerberus Innovations scalloped Stormwalk frame + foregrip + panels
    - Magnus/KAM Sabre trigger
    - PMI Perfect Bore Ceramik barrel, Freak-bored

    (25.) Super Financially Ludicrous E-Mag
    I never really wanted an SFL because they're usually stupid expensive and looked kinda funky. My impression changed upon seeing a few with patterned ano jobs instead of a single color - they look great! So now the wait to save up and find one. I don't shoot electros but by using an anazing Logic UMF I think it'll fit in nicely and let the battery pack cover cover remain as a foregrip.

    - BBT Shocktech SFL Emag
    - Shocktech vertical breech
    - "Shocktech Emag" valve #EM

    - Logic Industries Ultimate Mag Frame (UMF)
    - Logic RRfireblade trigger
    - Luke's UMF aluminum panels
    - PTP eMicromag battery pack cover
    - ??? barrel

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    Wow!!! Very nice collection sir.

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    Nice builds! Glad to see somone putting some of my old parts to use. Can't wait to see that Shockwave build come along

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    Great collection.

    Quote Originally Posted by Walking Stick View Post

    (4.) Zee Smear Mag
    I saw pics of the Euro powerfeed and jumped on a body when one finally popped up. There were stock photos of that body in black Teflon but I never saw anyone with actual photos of one.

    One of these?
    Name:  CtWXEYv.jpg
Views: 521
Size:  62.6 KB

    The body, and rail set were bought new at the time Tom was getting ready to leave Agd. Its first assembly was in 2008. Hasn't changed yet. Other then adding blue grips. It has and always will be a pnuemag. Yes those are decals on the top of the body.
    Quote Originally Posted by dano_____ View Post
    I keep forgetting to not feed my mags after midnight so they seem to multiply regularly.

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    Very nice! So a Euro powerfeed RT body did come from the factory in black Teflon. What did AGD laser on the top of the body?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walking Stick View Post
    Very nice! So a Euro powerfeed RT body did come from the factory in black Teflon. What did AGD laser on the top of the body?
    Those are decals one is a punisher skull the other is a cougar head similar to what was used for the car's.

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    Updated my collection now that I decided to stretch it to 20 total (damn disease!) and have added a few pieces here and there.

    - #1, 3, 4 and 5 were rebuilt and are operational
    - #6, 7, 9 and 12 are next to be rebuilt
    - #10 is waiting for me to sort out a unique pneu setup
    - #13 is in the final stages of trimming
    - then #4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12 and 13 finally go off to ano!
    - leaving 50% of my 'Mag collection good-to-go!

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    I was a busy Magpie/Maggot this summer making some acquisitions and must say I am quite pleased with'em! The collection's probably 70% complete now.

    - blue X valve
    - pewter X valve (that's all 4, baby!)
    - Micromag classic valve
    - Euro X-mag body w/ Warp right breech & PMI Perfect Bore barrel
    - Diggers Center/Fire Minimag
    - RPG prototype 2-pc body
    - El Panda Nocturnal rail (actually traded away my unused Tyson Machado sharkbite/spiked rail to obtain it)
    - Cerberus Stormwalk frame
    - .45 Elite Expansion Grip frame
    - Benchmark Medusa frame
    - RKD (knownothingmags) 3D-printed single-trigger Y-grip
    - Luke's Z2-grip
    - KAM M86v2 frame
    - MagHog sterling Z-grip trigger & grip panels
    - RPG SlingBlade trigger
    - Deadlywind gen2 carbon fiber foregrip

    I still have several parts to find (especially bodies but hopefully XMT's return can fix a couple of those) but I think I'll focus on getting some anodizing done to completely finish a few builds. Unicorns are still desired but I realize the probabilities are microscopic; they are:

    - AGD Minimag Golden Gun
    - Eclipse Euro powerfeed LEFT Minimag body
    X AGD Sluggo extended body
    - Venomous Designs Syclone body
    - Venomous Designs Helium rail
    - PTP Micromag gen2 LEFT feed port unibody
    X PTP Micromag 2000 LE (threaded vert feed) unibody
    - PTP eMag Micro2000 valve
    - reverse "X-Valve"
    X "X-Mag" valve
    - original X-Kitty valve "X-Mag" #XT00106
    - Acid Customs carbon fiber trigger
    X Cerberus Cripple-Z frame
    - Xtreme Depot I.T. body
    - Extreme Rage Omega rail with jewel!
    - Shocktech SFL Emag

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walking Stick View Post
    - Venomous Designs Syclone body
    Thats a unicorn among unicorns

    I hope you know that there was only ever one made. The prototype and trust me it will never be available.

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    Dream killer! Why am I not surprised VD didn't finish or follow through with something? Now if I find an Extended Sluggo though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walking Stick View Post
    Dream killer! Why am I not surprised VD didn't finish or follow through with something? Now if I find an Extended Sluggo though...
    I can't remember, was it Luke or Nummech that was talking about making slugs again?

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    Luke sorta mentioned it recently in the thread talking about the Deflator and Armada bodies.

    The only thing I've read/seen from Nummech were those FireMag and NecroMag unibodies. There's a tiny demand and Andy is tracking that interest but who knows if/when we'll ever see any. I know I'm wishing for a Necro or Edge styled Mag unibody.
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