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Thread: 3 Automags and various mag parts all for sale.

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    3 Automags and various mag parts all for sale.

    I am looking to sell at these Automags and parts at once for a great price.
    1 RT with Emag Valve and lvl 10 (leaking out the back), 1 classic mag with modified centerfeed (works great) but barrel that is on it is not a centerfeed. I used tape to hold it and it works good enough and 1 Mag pistol( needs rebuild) All with barrels
    2 barrels and 2 backs, 3 drops, 2 gas thru front grips, 1 SS left feed body, 1 single trigger converted to double trigger grip frame, 2 RT/Emag rear mounts, 1 RT front mount, 8 various springs, 5 classic bolts, 2 valve pistons, 2 valve springs, 1 piston/spring rear adjustment screw( I forgot what it's called), 3 brass bolt and some carriers, 8 bolt foamies, 3 barrel detents, 1 classic sear and pin, 1 Logic Blade trigger, 1 classic valve body with 2 elbows, 6 NPT's, 1 MP2 Pneumatic trigger mod (never used), 2 Revys(1 9v and 1 18v), 1 Crossfire 45/4500 tank(needs hydro) and cover.
    I think thats all of them. Please look at the pictures closely. This has been in my closet too long and I don't use them anymore.
    Will only sell all at once for $350 which includes shipping. I want it all gone at once, will not separate unless I charge you 1000% over for a single item. Have Paypal. My eBay rating is 207@100%

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    Pming I'll take it.

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    If he doesn't I will smoking deal.

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    Sold to Boomer89
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