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Thread: Warpless rotor shell

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    Warpless Rotor Style Loader update #4
    bad lighting my apologies, working on the second office to sort that out."You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes." RU

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    Quote Originally Posted by barkingspider View Post
    KNM - not to beat a dead horse. I've followed your response and progress on your other thread with having to redesign a whole hopper build around the guts of rotor/box mag. As I look back at wingbatwu's original posting of his modification. What are your thoughts around making the adapting piece printed from the "top carrier" trim piece that mounts to the rotor top and attaches to the lid of the rotor. I've linked the piece from ANS showing the top carrier as a accessory that comes in different colors for people to interchange. It appears that his modified brass elbow penetrates the hopper top through the area where the lid carrier is attached to the top of the rotor by 5 screws. Without truly knowing the difficulty or ease of my question, I wonder if a printed lid carrier maybe a practical answer? This new printed lid carrier would still utilize the mounting screws attachment points of the top of the rotor. The part that would need to be printed would contain a printed conduit/tube that hovers over the internal parts of the rotary assembly from the box mag and carries a specified trajectory out the top placing the exit behind the lid hinge. Since this rotary assembly rotates/spins some relative accuracy would need to be accomplished where it sits above the assembly but provides a close connection where the path of the balls can enter and be channeled out the top of the lid carrier. The portion of printed conduit/tube could terminate outside of the top of the cover behind the lid (near where the dye emblem is placed in the linked color kit from ANS) with some type of flange to match the ID of common qloader/warp feed tubing. This approach would require a hole to be placed directly behind the hinge of the rotor lid of the top shell, which would be fairly simple to drill/dremel for the end user. It would be quit simple to install since its utilizing the same mounting screws for the lid top and the hinge of the lid attachment joint. Thinking out loud, it appears to be a feasible solution built off of wingbatwu's design without having to create from scratch? Ideally, this would allow a simple mount of the printed part through the same manor that his design produced results, just looking a little cleaner with printed parts. I hope you can understand what I described above, and again just a thought.
    taking a look at this.
    ultimately I want the end user to not have to cut or drill anything that is what im going to look into.
    its good to have this type of input. there are different ways this can be approached. ill try to keep this going steady, at the same time looking at best practices for this application(within my means)
    link to other thread for context.

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    Anything new?

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    Quote Originally Posted by barkingspider View Post
    Anything new?
    nah sorry,
    event at the end of the moth has taken my attention.
    and then other stuff. ill try to get on this in july, and maybe sporadically this month when I get free moments.

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    I understand, just keeping the conversation going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barkingspider View Post
    I understand, just keeping the conversation going.

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    that's great, its good to get these notifications that people have responded. helps me get back on track some times.
    I need to at least get the feeder shell done before I leave, or even both shells just to be able to hold it.

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