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    Been awhile

    I'm not even sure exactly how many years since I have really touched my gear. 3, 4, maybe 5 years or so. Starting to dust it all off and figure out what I still have and projects left half finished.. or less in some cases. Guess I'll start with the pneumag to see if I can finish it. So I'm kind of thinking a green/black anno job for this but ultimately I would like to find clear green grip panels for it so you can see the stuff in the grip frame (I suppose I could settle for clear as well if it came right down to it). I searched before I stopped playing but finally gave up trying to find someone that makes them. I finally bought sheets of plastic myself hoping to try making grip panels myself but never got around to that... not sure how easily I could accomplish that anyway to be honest.

    Guess my main question is. Anyone know someone that makes custom angel vert panels that might be able to do what I'm looking for?

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    i can do printed ones. i designed some when i use to have all my m90 frames.
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    Printed eh? In clear plastics?

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    Not plastic and certainly not clear. This is my 4th, last, but nicest version>

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    No sorry they would be translucent clear
    So not see thru but will let light thru

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    haha thats exactly what I'm looking for! ... (olive/toxic green and translucent) a dude on Facebook group 3d prints em, and didnt have any resins that would work but as he tells me, theres a bunch new coming out!..will let you know if I have any luck!

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    I actually bought a couple sheets of neon green acrylic. Ya know, the stuff that glows on the edges.... but i really lack the equipment/skills/knowledge required to do a good job of making the grips myself. Hollowing out the middle a bit for the lpr would be the difficult part I think.

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