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    Classic Mag

    Just coming back after a short 18 year absence. I dusted off the ole girl last week, got a new O-ring kit in there (promptly delivered from AGD) tonight, a little oil, a new tank (drop down had to change) and I'm ready to go!

    First post here, figured I would start by showing off what I'm working with. I tried to list the few upgrades I did, which is kind of hard as I haven't done anything in almost 20 years. Should be headed out to the fields this coming Sunday if the weather holds out.

    I'm glad to have found this haven for Automag information. I plan on adding some new upgrades as life allows, hopefully an X-valve kit with the L10 bolt. I am currently trying to figure out the whole barrel situation, clearly twist locks are not around anymore, so there will be a change in the threading, either a new body or the doc adapter. I will keep you all posted as this build progresses. Thanks for having me!

    Reactor On/Off
    Hurricane valve
    Bolt upgrade
    Double trigger frame with Hogue grips
    14 in" Smart Parts All American barrel

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    I like

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    Very Nice! Love those classics!
    AGD is in the house!
    Custom gun builds. All the parts. New Website. Factory Service available!

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