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Thread: FN303 Package

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    FN303 Package

    FN303 Less Lethal Launcher, Converted to fire at paintball velocity (260-300+ FPS)
    •FN303 Origianl Box
    • FN303 3 Point sling
    • FN303 Sling instructions
    • FN303 AirTank & dual QD airline
    • FN303 AirTank, Extra
    • FN303 15Rd drum magazines 4X USED, modified to lighten the spring pressure on paintballs, These were new when I got them.
    • FN303 15Rd drum magazines 6X NEW unopened
    • FN303 Parts Kit 2X
    • FN303 Barrel Brush
    • FN303 Speedloader 3X
    • Tiberius FSR adjustable sight riser
    • BSquare Shotgun scope 2X? magnification
    • EoTech 516 Replica red/green dot
    • Aukmont 45* Picatinny Back up sites
    • Bianchi Fn303 Bandolier, Molle mount (Discontinued)
    • FN303 Stock Barrel, Slightly mared but that is covered by the body shells.
    • Empire Apex Barrel, Cocker threaded
    • Hammerhead Sharktooth Barrel, Cocker threaded
    • Hammerhead Battle Stixx Barrel, Cocker threaded
    • 6 Aluminum Hammerhead Barrel sizers, 3 Stainless Barrel sizers
    • Hammerhead barrels case, ball sizer, grease
    • Grease 2X, came with the FN303


    Price is $1100 Shipped

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    I keep forgetting to not feed my mags after midnight so they seem to multiply regularly.

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    $1K shipped or $950 delivered to you at Topgun Paintballs 30th Anniversary game.

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