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Thread: Ok, so...

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    Ok, so...

    Itís been years since I have played, dug out an old lvl 7 black power feed body (hopper sits left). I took it into my local shop to get worked on and they said they couldnt work on it. Mentioned something about not getting parts for it anymore or something ( I bet they had no idea this site was still active). Have not had a chance to air up yet. Born aure if they even aired it up or bothered to live it up either. First thing Iím checking is putting gold cup on the on/off,bolt, and ASA. Any other suggestions/ anyone in the SFV/ la area that can possibly help me? Iíll try and remember to post up what happens, donít plan on going for another week or two.
    Also, is there anywhere I can still get a pump kit (or find someone willing to trade)? Iíve always liked the idea of a pump mag.

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    We are somewhat alive here, if anything it would most likely just be an oring kit to do the say your from San Fernando Valley/LA...a few of us mag guys will be playing at ambush with the So. Cal Stock guys for mech wars...if you could make it we can get you shooting that day! Much luck

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    Bro, I went into a very reputable shop a month or so ago and asked what they had for Automag stuff (never know what you'll find in a box in the back.) .. Buddy asked me what an Automag was.. I walked out.

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    You gotta give some shops a break. AGD has been seriously removed from a marketing sense since 2004. Dave continued to sell parts, build guns and make the necessary parts to keep guns running, but dealer support has been lost with the lack of volume of sales. I do try and help any stores looking for parts. I'll even fix guns for stores and discount it out for them to make money. They don't have to do anything except ship it. If mechs keep making a comeback, slowly AGD's history will be unearthed.
    AGD is in the house!
    Custom gun builds. All the parts. New Website. Factory Service available!

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    Completely agree. Just got on after awhile after re finding the website lol.
    I think the problem was that they either blew out my on off, or didn’t know that I needed a new one. There was nothing to puncture the tank valve when I looked in it. I’d love to take it on the field and get kids asking wtf?!?! Lol

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