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Thread: 68 Automag Rebuild

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    68 Automag Rebuild

    Hi everyone,

    I'm was helping my parents move out of their house this weekend and I came across my old 68 Automag. I haven't used it in about 15 years, and I'm sure it needs a rebuild. I'd love to get back into the sport.

    I'm not a tinkerer, but I'd like to try to get this thing working again on my own. Could the experts on this forum tell me what parts likely need to be replaced after all these years, and where I can buy them? I've got a level 10 bolt on there.


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    The way to go, is to get the O-ring kit from Airgun Designs:

    and change all of them.

    After that air up and hopefully all will work. If not, Airgun Designs has a set of videos in their site which will guide you on what to do to fix specific problems.......besides, there are so many experts in this forum that just by asking will walk you through.

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    Put about 3 drops of oil in it first, then air it up. Shoot it through a good dozen times. You would be surprised how resilient AGD spec orings are. If there is a leak then by all means, get an oring kit. Otherwise, if it may leak but seals up after oiling. Go have fun with it

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    Thanks guys!

    I oiled and aired it up. Only thing that leaks is the macro line. Pretty extraordinary!

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    Likely if it has been sitting for that many years you are in for a catastrophic failure. The fact that you air it up and it shoots is certainly a testament to the quality of products and parts but is by no means the answer to try and go play a full day with that age of orings. Shelf life for urethane is 5 years. Either those orings are very solid or they have turned gummy. If you are clearly talking 15 years, it's in your best interest to reseal the gun.
    Anyway, just an opinion.
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