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Thread: Ule mag value?

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    Ule mag value?

    Hey guys,

    **just did research apparently this is a RT ULE Custom**

    Names Nate, had this for awhile cousin gave it to me a few years ago. Haven't used it in 2+ years looking to sell but wanna be fair. Could you guys help me out here? Here's what I know-

    - ULE body
    - ULT
    - ULE rail
    - lvl 10 bolt
    - X-Valve
    - Intelliframe
    - Padded AGD gas through foregrip
    - CP on off ASA
    - CCM feed neck
    - Macrolines
    - Empire carbon fiber barrel kit

    All help is appreciated, thanks!

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    New is $565, no barrel, no asa, no feedneck No ULT. Your set-up is about $$800 all new. The guns are very tough to get new right now....I would know. I I think the set-up is worth $600 and possibly more seeing the guns cannot be bought new right now. But everything is subjective to how many people want the gun and how many are for sale....
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    Sandman -

    Thanks for your input. I noticed that too that things seem hard to get now. Again I appreciate your response!
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    The right side up markers are worth more because they're easier to aim and shoot, the upside down models are rare but not worth as much.

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    You sir make a hilarious point hahaha

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    All this being said, I'm still gonna stick to my $500 price as it hasn't been used in awhile. So if you know anyone looking send them my way. I also have a all silver plated Minimag level 7 I'm gonna put up here tonight when I get home. Would like to know value of that one as well.

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    You should list this in the for sale section. Not everyone looks here.

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    Iím interested

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    I'll take it, if it's still available

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