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Thread: Looking for a Price on my Mag.

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    Looking for a Price on my Mag.

    It has been a while since I paintballed...lots of life stuff happened, so I am looking to thin the herd. I have not been on here for a while and don't have much time to do research and would like to get a fair value before I put it up for sale. Everything was in working order the last time it was used (over a year ago)

    I have a Empire Z2 hopper, a Dye Rotor Hopper, a tank almost out of hydro with a Ninja SHP reg (it has a cracked gage but works fine), CP Barrel kit (.696, .689 and .685 backs), and one of my 3 mags.

    Mag Components
    -black ule body
    -intelliframe with blue dye sticky grips
    -lukes custom rail with custom blue ano
    -Killa detent
    -Emag valve with lvl10 bolt and ult installed
    -RPG Viperblade Trigger (I may part this trigger out if I have another itelliframe trigger laying around)
    -CP Gas through foregrip
    -RPG Sub Zero Feedneck
    -CP On/off ASA

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    $350-ish for the marker
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