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    So i tried again. I didn't screw in the ASA as much. just until i hear it cock the gun. it did better but still not quite right. I can shoot more than once if i wait several seconds between trigger pulls. i have to hear it click first before pulling the trigger again. What's clicking? Is that the valve resetting? Anyways, emailed dealer and said to bring it back by. i think it's the output pressure since it's recharging slowly. Going to make my own output pressure checker for future checking.
    It's super easy, take preferably a on/off asa that you don't need, find a guage, preferably 0-1200 psi, put in output hole. Done

    I don't remember if the output pressure is adjustable on the pro reg. I think it is but don't remember for sure. Sounds like you just need a shim added

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    Took it to the shop today along with my Automag. The owner had me hook up another tank and try. Same issue. He said it was a valve issue. Left it and my tank with the store to get it serviced. Luckily, the owner shoots an Automag himself that he customized and he builds or used to build custom Mags. So I feel like I'm in good hands. I know you all probably could have walked me through, but just don't have confidence right now not knowing much of anything about Automags. I'm glad there was someone local who has knowledge.

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