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Thread: Warp left Ult X valve Mag With Halo warpfeed mod

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    Warp left Ult X valve Mag With Halo warpfeed mod

    Hello fellow automagers I have a mag for sale and some extra parts / gear for sale

    the Mag pictured

    pariah cut warp left body

    emag rail that has been milled for warp right, weight reduction , wings on rail milled flush.

    omega forgrip

    y frame with blade style trigger.

    x valve with lv 10 and ult trigger pull kit
    matching Numbers front and Rear of valve.

    agd asa.

    halo warp feed mod with a magna v35 board .


    extra shims and orings for the ult trigger pull kit & extra carriers and orings for lv 10 bolt kit

    some additional parts For Sale

    Ule warp right body,warp Right ult rail with sear & agd gas through bike grip , no rail bushing $145.00

    emag valve with lv7 bolt and no field stip thumb screw. Matching Numbers front and Rear of valve. $110.00

    one warp feed purple in color working , One warp feed clear in color not working. $100.00
    a few extra warp feed mounting brackets, a few extra pieces of warp feed hose

    freak barrel kit with all insert sizes AC treaded. $65.00

    2 lucky unitec barrles sizes .685 & .693 with 1 AC treaded back.

    1 lapco big shot barrels .689 AC treaded. $20.00

    dye invision I4 mask camo color. New Never Used In a Game $50.00

    1 pure engery tank 70 cu inch 4500 psi manufacturer date 04/2009 , will need to be hydro tested. $30.00

    empire B hopper the flip lid magnets that hold it shut are broke off and battery door is missing.

    1 Pcs tac vest od green in color. $30.00

    1 automag classic rail no Barrel Twist Lock Assembly, Sear or rail bushing.

    1 piece of ss braided line with quick release.

    1 center flag hyperflow adjustable regulator , the valve popet is brand new , but reg the needs rebuilt. $40.00
    Cp drop forward cradle for the centerflag hyperflow.

    Price List

    Mag warp Left $700.00
    Warp Right Body, Rail, Sear & bikegrip foregrip $145.00
    Both Warpfeeds 1 working 1 for parts 100.00 for both.
    Freak Barrel kit in case and all inserts AC threaded $65.00
    Dye Invision I4 mask $50.00
    Lapco Big Shot Barrel bore .689 $20.00
    OD Green Pac vest $30.00
    Pure Energy carbon fiber Tank $30.00
    Center Flag Hyper Flow Adjustable Regulator & Cp drop forward cradle $30.00
    Warp Right Body $70.00
    Warp Right ULE Rail , Sear, Agd gas through Bike grip fore grip 85.00

    All Prices Are OBO So OFFER UP!


    Paypal ONLY

    will be shipped Via USPS with delivery conformation

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    Would you part out the Halo warp? Would love to learn how to make that

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