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Thread: *^* November/2018 MOTM Contest *^*

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    *^* November/2018 MOTM Contest *^*

    Link to the previous winners thread:*-New-Version

    TWO DIVISION MOTM Thanks to Tom Kaye and the enduring overseeing AO Mod staff for keeping this thread in order and running smoothly.

    MOTM will run 2 categories: Standard Open Class anything goes and an "Old Skool" Mag competition ! !

    Please state which division you want to be in (Open or Classic) in case yours could go either way.

    Round 11'18 ! !

    Entries up until 11/30/18 11:59 PM PST

    "MAG" of the month contest...that means MAGS of any kind.

    I want to see some kick butt Mags ! ! !

    I will do it every month there seems to be continued interest , voting towards the end of each month, new contest on the first-ish of each month.

    Near the end of the month I will narrow it down to a Final 3 (or how ever many I think are worthy) and open a public voting poll to pick the winner for each division. Entries are valid until I close this thread.


    1) Must be your Mag and NOT for sale during the month of the contest.

    2) I don't care how great or sucky your pictures are, it's a gun contest not a photogenic prize. Please NO watermarks.

    3) 2 pictures MAX , NO GIANT WALLPAPER sized a link if you need to or link to any larger pics. If you want a specific pic when I assemble the poll, please make it clear when you upload your pics here.

    [a] FYI , It is to YOUR ADVANTAGE to simply post 1024 x 768 or so sized pictures , they will look far better than the code resized pictures. [b] - New size rule for updated picture resolution

    4) One gun entered per month per Class. I'll allow you to enter one (different) marker in each.

    5) No previous contest winner entries unless it has changed drastically , give others a shot please.

    6) No text posts ...PM all questions to who ever you want to ask what ever you want to ask. Text posts will be removed.

    7) Don't use Photobucket for hosting your pictures. If it's hosted there, there is a good chance I won't be able to see the picture (nor other users) so I won't include it on the poll.

    I will be judging on what I think is cool or worthy ...

    Generally it breaks down like this-

    Open Class MOTM :

    As in anything goes as long as it's a mag , wow us.

    Just a note ,

    I'd really like to see full functioning markers , those will get priority over the same parts just stacked up for a picture.

    OldSkoolers :

    Looking for anything falling under the guise of Old Skool or in the Spirit of Old skool , SS parts would be cool but that's fairly subjective depending on application. Could be rare , unique or just plain old and still neat. Rusty in a box not exactly the idea here So basically anything that cries yesteryear whether a Classic Custom or just Classic Cool.

    Further example:

    ule body (made of aluminum)= not old skool (unless it is so hidden in old skool goodness that I can't tell)
    newly produced frames (Vert and aftermarket ones, mostly)= not old skool (unless it is so hidden in old skool goodness that I can't tell)
    rt, emag, x valve = not old skool (unless it is so hidden in old skool goodness that I can't tell)
    electro and pneu frames will be posted on the OPEN Class poll, regardless of the rest of the marker's components
    nasty Mags will be posted on the OPEN Class poll, regardless of the rest of the marker's components

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    open class
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    Almost complete. Debating if she's complete enough to leave up.

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    Keith, see what you did!

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    Classic plz
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    Classic Please

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