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Thread: [Sold]Black Automag RT LvL10 w/ ULE, Intelliframe, Dye Ultralite, Extras...

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    [Sold]Black Automag RT LvL10 w/ ULE, Intelliframe, Dye Ultralite, Extras...

    SOLD to Captain Pinky

    Pulled this listing off of eBay when I gassed it up getting it ready for shipping...First off, Please be aware, I'm not a mag specialist, I just love them and have used them periodically over the past 20 years. However, I'm not the Tech-guru of my paintball friend group. So, this guy currently has a slight leak out of the little hole on the side of the valve and it's not allowing for fast cycling. I've pulled the valve apart and cleaned it and have lubed the o-rings, but this might take someone on this forum for the special touch to get it just right. (As I type this, I'm still trouble shooting it but I figured I'd put this up while I'm working on it).

    I've been piece-building this together for a few years, got it exactly how I wanted it, and decided the chase of parts was more fun than playing with it. HAH! I've joined the Planet Eclipse cult, so I figured this should go to someone that will use it/appreciate it.

    What I have for sale, is the following.

    RT Valve - Installed LVL 10 w/ parts kit
    AGD Intelliframe - Aftermath Grips
    Black ULE with Clamping Feed Neck
    Dye Ultralite Black/Silver Barrel
    Shocktech Drop w/ ASA
    Rubber Grip
    JT Zipper Padded Marker Bag

    Additional Parts:
    Benchmark Frame
    Dye Stick Grips for the Frame
    Front Grip Extender
    Silver Front Grip
    ORIGINAL AGD Threaded Dye Stainless Boomstick - This would need an original slotted body to work.

    I had it listed for $350.00 on ebay and was getting offers for $300.00, I'm looking in that range for the whole shebang-abang.
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