AO Marketing Team,

AGD is putting together a factory team consisting of two five man teams (Butterscotch YO and SOB's) that will be playing many local tourneys as well as bigger 5 man events.

This is part of AGD's marketing strategy to increase profile as Tippman Effect and Brass Eagle All Stars do for those companies.

So with that in mind we are looking for team names and of course I turn to you my AO Army to help out. The name we choose has to have AGD in it and be reasonably clean and marketable. We want to hear your ideas and if we pick your name you will win a Warp! Last time we did this with the Intelliframe we got 2000 submissions so I am sure you guys can do a good job here.

You can submit as many names as you want. In case of a tie the first poster wins the prize. All submissions are the property of AGD. We reserve the rights to change the rules for any reason at any time. Put each name on a single line in a vertical column so I can read them easily. Void where prohibited, your results may vary, one winner to a customer, if your parents won't let you play it's not our fault....

Let's here some great names for team ????AGD????!!!!