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Thread: Come Up with Team AGD Name and Win a Warp!!

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    May 2001
    I didn't bother reading through the other 5 pages of posts, so forgive me if these have been suggested....How about

    the AGD Pride (you know, like a pride of lions).

    AGD MagMen (or AGD MagPersons to be Politically correct! Just kidding!)

    AGD Warped Lions

    all I can think of right now.....

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    Airgun Lions
    AGD Justice
    Deus Ex AGD
    AGD Brutes
    AGD Fate
    AGD Ad Vitam (latin for "AGD for life")
    AGD Victory
    AGD Lionshare
    Airgun Vagabonds
    Codename: AGD
    Project: AGD
    Operation: AGD
    AGD Rogues
    Evil AGD
    AGD Rockstars
    AGD Fire

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    May 2001
    I thought of a couple more.

    how about the

    AGD Butterscotch SOB's

    AGD Beta Testers

    AGD Butterscotch Beta Testers


    Maximum Airgun Designs (the initials would be MAGD as in "I got 'magged.")

    more MAGD names -

    Menace from Airgun Designs
    Manufactured by Airgun Designs
    Marked by Airgun Designs
    or you could just call the team MAGD or MAG'D and it could stand for one of the above.

    or how about

    Airgun's and Roses

    AGD's Lucky Bastards (what I think of the guys who get to play on this team.)

    AGD Warp Factor 9 or AGD Warp Factor (a geeky Star Trek reference, since Warp feed gets that alot)

    AGD Straight Shooters ('cuz "Quality always shoots straight.")
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    Automags Giving Defeat
    Automags Giving Death
    AGD Maggots (i think this one's already been posted)
    Automags Growing Deformities (haha, random thoughts)

    just some random ideas i'm throwing out. i'm tired, so i can't think right now.
    Automag (duh!)
    polished powerfeed body
    ReTro Valve
    10 in. Freak
    VL Revolution w/ X-Board
    Intellifeed grip frame
    45ci 4500psi Armeggeddon
    Dye Sticky Grips

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    North Plainfield, NJ
    Warp Effect
    Low Profile (get it cause of warp)

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    Feb 2002
    Corona, CA
    I'm all for;
    AGD's Doughnut Kings

    Or, if you're old school;
    AGD Panthers

    -Mr. G

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    Dec 2001
    AGD Paint Slingers

    AGD Paintball Flingers

    AGD Spray Paint

    AGD Splatter Crew

    The Artists Currently Known as AGD

    AGD Art Project

    AGD Paint Project

    AGD Paintgang

    AGD Paintbucket

    AGD Bring It

    AGD the Art of Aggression

    AGD Master Class

    AGD Master Painters

    AGD Little, Round, and Flying Right at You

    AGD Dodge This

    AGD Objects in your Mirror are Closer Than They Appear

    AGD You've Been Marked

    AGD Work of Art

    AGD Operation: Field Supremacy

    AGD Fear the Lion

    AGD Feed the Lion

    AGD Controlled Fury

    AGD Hail to the King

    AGD Pride

    AGD Enter the Lion

    AGD Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid
    "Only a generation of readers can spawn a generation of writers"

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    Madeira Beach,FL wo0t wo0t

    I have just came up with the best name ever,might as well send the warp to my house n

    ok,are you ready for the best paintball team name in the world........:


    ps..that stands for:No Use For A Name....brilliant huh?huh?yea,i me for my address...

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    Ont Canada
    Lawn mower men. because your a$$ is grass

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    AGDRules Guest

    More Team Names

    AGD's Savage Reaction

    AGD's Crack Squad

    AGD's Hosers

    AGD Kids

    AGD Devlopement

    AGD Mystery Men

    AGD Recon Team

    AGD HellRaizers


    AGD GlaDiaToRs

    AGD Wiz Kids

    Airguns Paint Wizards

    AGD Champions

    AGD AutoMatiC

    AGD Boogiemen

    AGD Titans

    AGD Fade

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    Mag Thumpers
    Mad Mags
    AGD Mag Thumpers
    AGD Thumpers
    AGD Mad Mags
    AGD Mad Max
    Agd Mad Mags
    Mad Max Mags

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    Come Up with Team AGD Name and Win a Warp!!

    twiztid MAGZ
    AGD-R-US thats a good one
    Airgun riot
    Blowing em away
    laying down some paint
    Packin Paint

    ok hopefully one of those will win

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    All AGD
    Team All American AGD
    AGD Warped

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    AGDRules Guest


    Tom when will u know what team name u like?

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    Nov 2001
    here is some more:
    AGD Hilltoppers
    AGD Bandits
    AGD Crashers
    AGD Crushers
    Team Airgun
    AGD #1
    Team Mags
    AGD Millenium (sp?)
    AGD Lions
    AGD People
    AGD Forever
    AGD Vipers
    AGD Renegades
    AGD Thunder
    AGD Colonals (sp?)
    AGD Twisters
    AGD Kings
    AGD Paint People
    AGD Splattermen
    Team Lion
    AGD Storm (is that taken?)
    EDIT Addon: AGD Clashers
    AGD Indians
    AGD Mudcats
    AGD Wolverines
    AGD Tigers
    AGD Flame
    AGD Heat
    AGD Cyclones
    AGD Eagles
    The AGD Connection
    AGD Redliners
    AGD Swarm
    AGD Pride
    AGD Hurricanes
    AGD Stampede
    AGD Stars
    AGD Blaze

    thats all for now..sum will come in an hour or 2 haha
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    AGDRules Guest

    Talking This is my Team Name List lmk

    AGD's Savage Reaction

    AGD's Crack Squad

    AGD's Hosers

    AGD Kids

    AGD Devlopement

    AGD Mystery Men

    AGD Recon Team

    AGD HellRaizers


    AGD GlaDiaToRs

    AGD Wiz Kids

    Airguns Paint Wizards

    AGD Champions

    AGD AutoMatiC

    AGD Boogiemen

    AGD Titans

    AGD Fade

    The AGD Army

    AGD Players

    AGD Hitmen

    AGD Sharpshooters


    AGD Blaserz

    Team E-Mazing

    AGD WaRRioRs

    AGD Crew

    Team E-lectrofying

    The AGD Gang

    Team Total Ownage

    AGD 2Xtreme

    Airguns Desighns Maggets

    AGD Reconasist

    AGD Researchers

    Team Magnum

    AGD Nation

    AGD's Weekend Warriors

    AGD High Rollers

    AGD MaYHeM

    AGD Attitude

    Airguns Raiders

    AGD Rampage

    AGD Smackdown

    AGD 4 Life

    Airgun Tech Crew

    AGD Assistance

    Airgun Rebels

    AGD Stacked

    AGD Brimstone

    Lion Co.

    AGD Tigre Squad

    Team Airgun

    AGD Reps

    AGD Squad

    AGD Punishers

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    well i was going to scroll through everybody's entry, but I find that sucks the creativity out of me

    So if I double post, you win

    AGD ACE's (as in anti-chop eyes's)
    Aig Gun Design's Bunker Munkeys
    AGD's Bunker Munkeys
    AGD for you and me
    AGD Warp-Masters
    AGD 68's
    AGD's Team Retro
    AGD Paint Layers
    AGD Bacon and Eggs
    AGD Super-Boltmen
    AGD Team Original (for all the stuff tom came up with)
    AGD Originals

    my thoughts - for now

    again - sorry if there's a double post


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    AGD Phoenix Rising

    AGD Team Phoenix

    AGD Sentient Emags

    AGD Special Forces

    AGD Team Crusaders

    AGD Beyond Einstein

    AGD Cosmic Quest

    AGD Hyperspace

    AGD Supersymmetry

    AGD Supernova

    AGD Quantum

    AGD BIG Bang

    AGD Unified

    AGD Team Unified

    AGD Interaction

    AGD Mobius

    AGD Team Infinity

    AGD Antimatter

    AGD Team Synergy

    AGD Violators

    AGD Parallel Dimensions

    AGD Dark Matter

    AGD Forth Dimension

    AGD Determinism

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    Team AGD

    Team silent Thunder

    AGD sharp shooters

    Team warped

    The warped Mags

    Retro-ized sharp shooters
    Take Notes Paintball coming soon

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    personman Guest
    Bah, I was gonna say WarpD but everyone else is using that.. hmmm.. sry if I double post I only read the 1st and last page cuz there is so many.

    Team Magiliticus
    Extreme Team ()
    I think Team Automaggots is a good one, but what about Team Micromaggots?
    Team Maggy
    Team ReTro Hobos
    Team ReTro
    Team Warp Feed
    Team Warp Fed
    Team P Nubbins
    Team V Nubbins
    Team Plastic Nubbins
    Team Superbolt
    On/Off Team
    Powertube Team
    Foamie Bolt Team
    Team Longnose
    Valve Team
    Team Trigger Sear
    Team Crown Point
    Team Flatline
    Team I TOG EMAG
    Team AGD Hat
    Team AGD Sticker
    Team AGD Patch
    Team AGD Sweatshirt
    Team AGD Mouse Pad
    Team Bolt Spring
    Classic Team
    Team Replacement Parts
    Team Technical Resorces
    Team Powertube Spacer Kit
    Team Male Quick Disconnect
    Team Female Quick Disconnect
    Team Superbolt Sleeve
    Team Autolube

    As you may notice, I run out of ideas quickly and resort to copying things off of AGD's Store.

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    311automag Guest
    team agd warriors

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    May 2001
    AGD Mailmen "We Deliver"
    polished intellimag p/f/r,
    Smart Parts Progressive,
    KAPP foregrip,
    Kapp foregrip extender,
    offset benchy drop forward cradle on/off,
    crossfire 68ci 3000 psi,
    12v. smoke/clear rev.

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    T.K.O (Tom Kaye Operations)
    T.K.O (Technical Knock Out)
    E-WARP (E-Mag/Warp)
    WARPD (equipped)

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    AGDRules Guest


    You guys are like posted all the ones ive Said, Ya I like AGD Maggots myself. Butmeh hehe

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    Team AGD

    Team Intellified

    Team Warpified

    Team Retrofied

    Team Extreme (emag extreme)

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    AGDRules Guest


    Team I GOT GAME!!
    Team I GOT EMAG!!


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    Oct 2000
    Don't make me pull over!!

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    AGDRules Guest

    Ok Tom I picked my Best for u!!! I WANT THIS WARP SOOO BAD

    Team I got Game *I GOT EMAG*
    AGD Maggets

    Or if you like any of the other ones I posted ok hehe I really need this warp I hope u like any of my team names I think the '' I got Game '' sounds cool all the guys ive asked like it. Subliminal message perhaps hehe

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    AGDRules Guest

    Another version

    Another Version of '' I got Game '' is

    We got gamE i..e.. we got emag.. u guys get it lol... they sound cool enough

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    AGDRules Guest


    ''AGD We Got Game''

    It sounds like you are saying u kick butt and it has a message saying u guys got emags so it works out good hehehe..

    Anyone like this name?

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