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Thread: Never used AGD Tac-one with gear

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    Never used AGD Tac-one with gear
    I got this gear as a gift back in 2006, never got to use it sadly. I aways wanted to make a longbow kit and slay with it. Hoping you guys can help me see what she is worth now.

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    So TAC ONES new are worth about $600. With the barrel about $650 if that's original Tac-One barrel. Those are not common anymore. $35 for that remote new. The tank is worthless. It's over 5 years old and not worth hydro testing. Can buy a new one for $50. So your about $685 new if someone wants the remote. Actual value depends on what kind of discount someone is looking for. If it is actually new I"d say $500 is very fair. Like I said it, it will cost ya at least $600 new. This also has the RT pro rail with the long bow mount holes.
    Really nice find for someone looking to pick a Tac One up. I just want the barrel!!
    AGD is in the house!
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