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Thread: SE WI - Possible end of an era

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    SE WI - Possible end of an era

    Well I've been out of playing for a few years, and was looking to get back into it this year, but the new owners of Paintball Sam's/Breakaway Paintball, Power Paintball, had their compressor, air table, and tractor stolen. With this hit, it may mean the field closes for good unless someone with very deep pockets saves it.

    Not having any other options, I'll probably be going to Siege from now on.
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    Was Nicole still running the show after they moved from the Racine location or did she retire with the original field?

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    Nah, Nicki hasnít been involved since Samís closed in Ď08. I havenít talked to her since then, no clue what sheís up to.

    Harry was still reffing when it was Breakaway. I havenít been back since the new owners took over, so no clue if he was still around.

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