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    rt questions

    what is the diference between an rt and an rt pro. which is better, why thanks pat

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    I'd go for the RT Pro. They both work the same, the internals are the same (except for some minor differences).

    The problem with the RT is that it's a bit more complicated in regards to how the air gets to the valve. Thus, there are more things that can go wrong.

    With the RT Pro, the air goes into the side of the valve just like the AIR/Retro/Emag valves.

    With the RT, the air travels into a gas through foregrip, through a hard steel line, through the rail, and through the banjo bolt before going into the valve.

    In the end, when both are working properly, they perform the same and have the reactive trigger. But, RT's are no longer produced, whereas the RT Pro is. Also, the Retro/RT Pro/Emag valves are all the same except for some minor internal differences (on/off pin length & quad oring usage in the Emag valve) and the engraving on the exterior of the valve.

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