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Thread: money not an issue, help me buy upGs..

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    Post money not an issue, help me buy upGs..

    Ok heres the deal: I have a Minimag with a 14" Dye SS, a 12 volt rev., ans (i think...its old i forget) gas through grip, chrome PMI Shark grill sight rail, macroline-d everything, Remote leading to a 68ci 4500 PSI Crossfire nitro. Stock Reg & Bolt.

    My prob:

    What do I upgrade first? I have been chopping a few balls.. about 2 every 1.5 hoppers or so.. should my first upgrade be a bolt? Superbolt?... and what else should I get? I am also planning on going to a drop forward soon.. so what part(s) do I need? And what is the difference between a cradle and a drop forward (or are they the same)?
    And where am I? (lol, just kidding..)

    Dye 14" SS
    12 Volt VL Rev.
    ANS vert. gas grip
    All Macrolined' baby!

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    Do a search.
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    Try the plastic nubbins, an extended foamie, and make sure you arent short stroking!
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    get a warp, that will solve all your chopping problems


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    Try a Long-Nose or foamie bolt (Check for paint in feed tube when you chop/break, if it's there, get the long-nose, otherwise get a foamie bolt). Then add a Intelliframe, it helps with short-stroking. A Retro is a good upgrade as well. You might also want to pick up a Freak Kit if you use a lot of different paint.
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    Ok thanks, Ill order a Intelliframe soon. And I think I might get the foamie bolt. The Retro sounds like a good upgrade.. but what EXACTLY is the difference between my minimag reg., and the Retro?


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