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Thread: Do hyperframe on/off pins make trigger softer?

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    Do hyperframe on/off pins make trigger softer?

    Read the article below about the hyperframe and then i have a question about it. Could you use a hyperframe on/off pin to reduce the stiffness in the trigger pull?

    I got this from apg:
    The reason for changing the stack pin is efficiency. The HyperFrame solenoid is optimized for efficiency with a 9-volt battery and has a particular amount of "push power". The regulated air inside the marker pushes against the stack pin. The "push" on the pin depends on the air pressure and the diameter of the pin. The factory stack pin diameter and the working pressure of the Automags results in a pressure that is just above the optimal range of the HyperFrame solenoid. The smaller stack pin drops the "push" into the working range of the HyperFrame solenoid. Suggestion: put the stack pins you have into labeled containers so you know which is AGD standard, HyperFrame, or RT, because the differences are not readily apparent, even with a magnifying glass.
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    i have done this and it is lighter, all you have to do is tap it and it shoots, its really easy to shoot bursts

    that said it blows because every other shot shortstrokes due to the nature of the on off. its ment to be an electrical pulse solenoid powered on off. it works really good with the hyperframe but with a finger it isnt so good.
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    Tapered on/off pins lower effort needed. RT Pro on/off pin is like this too.

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