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Thread: Hey Tom....

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    Hey Tom....

    hey tom i have a question for you. even though some people may think this is stupid well i just had to know. What is YOUR favorite kind of mag? and what color is it?


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    ThePatriot Guest
    SFL Emag in Black and white spots(to go along with his whole bowboy outfit thing)

    Thats my guess, it's as good as any...

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    Well the problem is I never get the same gun twice. I am ususally shooting some prototype. Currently I have been playing with Manny's SFL a lot and will be switching to the C&C soon. After that I will be going to the reworked classic. What I shoot, you shoot.


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    ok thanks Tom.

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    Originally posted by AGD
    Well the problem is I never get the same gun twice. I am usually shooting some prototype.
    One mans Problem is another mans Heaven. I wish I had your "problem" Tom...

    AGD, where we are so good we can do it with only ONE tube!

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