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Thread: Is this a good deal?

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    Question Is this a good deal?

    at the local field i'm playing at this guy was selling one of his many automags. well here is what it comes with

    68 classic with p/f (about a year old he said)
    expansion chamber
    all the air fittings you need on it
    dye one piece stainless steel barrel
    oh and he said he got a trigger job on it, the trigger looked a gold color

    for.... 225 maybe 200

    I think that is a preety good deal i just wanted yalls opinion i'm goin to play a game or two with it next weekend

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    What kind of trigger job? Ask him if he adjusted the internals of the marker. Ask him if you can shoot it with a bit of paint in it. That's where it's at. Sounds like a pretty nice deal if you ask me.
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    Sounds like a great deal!!! Just make sure you take it completely apart, and inspect everything (specialy the length of the trigger rod) before you start playing with it!!!
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    Sounds great, except the "trigger job" worries me. Any type of trigger job usually just screws up the gun in the long run.

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    how long should the trigger rod be?

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    do a search on it, i know its posted somewhere.
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    1.985" from the tip of the rod all the way past the joint.
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