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Thread: Hey Tom! Why doesn't AGD make an elec.-grip for the automag like the hyper or boo-yah

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    Lightbulb Hey Tom! Why doesn't AGD make an elec.-grip for the automag like the hyper or boo-yah

    I was wondering why AGD doesn't make an electronic grip for us poor peolpe who can't afford an E-MAG. It would help so much and not to mention be really cool. You could adapt the E-MAG grip to fit on an Automag and have all the same features. I know I would be the first to by one becuase I want an E-MAG but can't afford it so why not have AGD come out with a electronic grip that will give the automag E-MAG features, not to mention E-Mag speed. It would be the greatest product AGD ever came out with besides the E-MAG.
    Tom please give me your opinion.

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    Yeah that would be cool but the frame would probaly cost around 300 but I bet it would be worth it.

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    I do not think this is a good idea, it would involve too many risks(developing, research, competing with cost effectiveness), especially competing with the current Hyperframe and Mako frames which do an excellent job.
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    actually u guys... agd in a way does make a frame like that... its called the emag...

    for around $1000 u get:

    *electric trigger frame*
    retro valve
    any body type
    stock barrel
    pf plug
    few other things

    so for $1000 dollars u get a electric trigger frame, with some extras

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    you can get a e-mag conversion for 550. Call AGD for details.
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    I love it...nutz mentioned a pf plug as something you get, thats hilarious.

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    Hey ya'll are missing the point, people who can't afford an emag would greatly appreciate an electronic grip frame with emag features to put on there already hard earned mags. I love the E-MAG but I just can't afford the thing. So why not have a grip frame made AGD that replaces the stock or I-Frame and comes with all the E-mag features. It would be amazing.

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    The conversion is the best you are gonna get. AGD's first priority is quality. In order to make an electronic gripframe that will work all the time, is not cheaply made, and will not eat sears or damage components, its gonna cost you money.

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    Actually, why don't they just sell the E-Mag grip, slightly modified in any way it needs to to fit a Regular mag, and figure out some way to not have a huge battery( I really don't know what kind of battery the Mako or Booyah frames use) I mean, sure the next step would be to just sell the whole gun as an E-mag, or get the conversion, but some of us have spent a lot of time coordinating colors and special parts on our mags, and really like our mags the way they are, except to want an electronic grip. I would be interested in a product like this, provided they could convert my Z-grip


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    A friend and I actually tryed this, we tryed to get emag grip frames on out classic retro mags, which would really make them into emags... however we fould how expensive it actually is... the emag conversion is essentialy the emag trigger frame with electronics... and it is actually priced fairly considering the electronics cost $240 electronics and the trigger frame probably costs another $200 so the conversion is the thing to do if u want an emag trigger frame

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    there's a couple of problems with just tossing the emag frame on your gun.
    1. the emag has a strange sear

    2. you do need that battery, the only other way around it is the new Pro Team battery that mounts on the grip.

    the mako uses a 9 volt but i don't think it will last to long pulling a mag sear.

    also you would need a custom sear to make the solinoid work on a z-grip, as it can only pull on a 90* angle.
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    The Mako battery lasts something dumb like 5000 shots. Also the crazy short dwell time on the Elcd and Hyperframe chews up bolts. The emag conversion for RT Pros is 550 and for regulars mags 650 last i checked. But then if you look at the prices on the electronic frames for the cocker, it isnt that bad.
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    The e-mag conversion also replaces your body rail with an e-mag/RT Pro body rail and you also get the site rail

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    The e-mag "conversion" is your valve installed into a valveless e-mag and sent back to you.

    Centerflag long ago solved the bolt chewing problem, and if
    you do have any problems, CF, as reported here by many happy
    owners will make it good. just like AGD.

    Can't speak for the Mako, but the CF frame gets WAY more that 5000 shots.

    Perhaps the answer is " the AGD E-Frame by CenterFlag "

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    This thread has been done before - I don't have the exact address but TK answered himself. Try searching and you may yet find illumination.
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    This has been asked before, and it all came down to the Battery. The E-Mag battery pack is very heavy duty, because the solenoid can draw up to 8 or so amps peak, this is also the reason for the Plastic on/off pin, instead of a switch, it would need a massive switch to handle the peak current. Switch mods do work, but may burn out, and Tom tends to over-engineer things (Which is a good-thing). The Hyperframe and Mako frames are pretty good, but they don't have the heavy-duty solenoid that the E-Mag does, nor the Sear designed for Electro/Retro usage. Simply put, they work just fine in 90% off application, but the E-Mag is going to be able to handle marginal situations (Like a stuck sear)far better and still work. It might be over-engineered, but it's not going to see the problems that have been seen with some guns and the Hyperframe and Boo-Yah/Mako frames.
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    Insead of a grip frame, AGD should make an electronic rail, so people using z-grips woulnt have to do any mods or thing.
    I don't know it's just an idea.

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