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Thread: blasted elves.....

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    blasted elves.....

    sure i put the anti-elf sig pic on my sig... take out my soveriegn2 goto chrony waste about 2/3 a hopper then nothing....

    them there blasted elves moved the setting on my 3way.....

    at least i figured the problem out fairly quick... but was in no mood to fix it.... so pulled out the trusty minirt with all the fixings and had a blast

    oldsoldier came down... and we had a grand ole time mags in hand...
    look forward to playin with ya again, like i said at the field we may have to hit up pnl and harrass the guys on the east end of the state... but i am sure that will be a while down the road....

    well i must go and whip the elves in my sov2 for messin with the 3way
    Virus, King of the Basement Trollz has spoken

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    I hate elves so I upgraded to leprechauns.You see they are easy to maintain requiring only a bowl of Lucky Charms a day.Not to mention they can show you where a pot of gold is. they normally hang out around the dropforward area and the valve.But I have heard them in the barrel a few times before. They will also target elves and destroy them with horrible Irish insults and their fists. So make the right desicion and make the upgrade to leprechauns.Their worth it!

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    Midgets are my "elves" Everytime I have an elf problem, my little buff midget runs out and finds the kid with the elves. Once he sees the person, he locks on and targets him, and runs at him at an extremely rapid speed. Upon reaching his victim, the anti elf machine bites off the player's kneecaps, and since we all know elves live in ppl's kneecaps, the problem is settled.

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    Thanks man. I had a great time too (postede in main forum). Let me know when you wanna go boston whuppin. I will see what kind of time I can get off from the army.
    Patriot...well, the whole elve/kneecap thing...well, what can I say?
    X-mag #10. Nuff said.

    my feedback

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    I just made that up off the top of my head, i dont know

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