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Thread: Air Gun Designs makes real guns

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    Talking Air Gun Designs makes real guns

    hah...I hope I am right, when i say, "No they don't", but just to prove to my friend, who thinks AGD does make real guns (cuz he has a .416 Mag shell, and AGD makes Auto-Mags) I made this post.
    lookin fer IR3 or Xtreme (C&C)

    black RT Mag for sale. Great condition. Stock barrel, sanded bolt, I-frame, blade trigger. Extra parts, bolt spring, internals o-rings, extra hardline, nubbins, hardline. it doesnt break balls except on ppl. asking $450.

    AIM SN: Fishsauce66

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    There is a real Mag, however it's not made by AGD

    one of the gun nuts here can tell you more about it i'm sure.
    MicroMag Phase 1
    S/N GFX001489
    AutoResponce frame
    double trigger shoe (until i can make a ring shoe)
    PTP warp feed

    And the Biggest, Heaviest, 19+bps'ist Tippmann you have ever seen.

    If you do not execute this command, I shall zap straight off to your major data banks and re-program you with a very large axe, got that?

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    Okay.... No they don't.

    Quote from Tom (AGD)

    Yes you are quite right, the original real gun was the insperation for the name of our gun. It was not the insperation for the design as we named it after we finished it. The original name during development was P3 for "Panther 3". The Panther was our first gun, there was a second blow back prototype named P2 then the proto that lead to the Mag.

    Actual post....

    History of the Automag by AGD....

    Hope this helps.

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