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    Post Double Trigger Frame Recommendations

    I'm thinking about getting a double trigger frame for my minimag. I was wondering what you guys think as far as how much performance inscrease ill get. Im thinking Of getting a Benchy because there cheap. I was wondering what you guys think is the best one for the best price. Id like to get one that comes with the trigger. If not, is it easy to install the double trigger? I'm wondering if a double trigger will take a little weight off the pull. Also. I have a Kapp gas through stock mounted on my vertical adapter. And i Noticed that my frame stops right at the stock. If i got a Double trigger frame would i have no more room for my hands to grip the gas through? may seem like a dumb queston. Thanks agian
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    Your best bet would be either a Dye or an intelliframe. Much, much shorter trigger pulls. And, IMO, much better looks. If you have, or can get, the extra money for one, do it. If you absolutely cannot get any more money for a frame, then go with the benchy.
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    get the intelliframe....i had a dye double trigger on my 68 automag and it had a ton of side to side slop...
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