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    cphilip Spyder project update...

    Ok so a bit of new development on this project:

    I just got back from Paintball Inc. (used to be National PB Supply). There main warehouse is just up the road in Greenville SC. Picked up some stuff for the project.

    As you may recall this thing is going to Redrider87 for a powder coating job. I have decided to not coat the grip frame and leave it black. Reason is have you ever seen how many pins and springs and such are in this darn thing? A pain in the rear to take them all out and return them after. MAKES YOU APRECIATE THE SIMPLICITY OF YOUR MAG!!! So since I am laving it black a few others things may be left black to smooth the transitions. Here is a lsit of each:

    Powder Coated

    Main body
    Low Pressure Chamber
    Bottom ASA
    Site Rail
    Taso Drop (new from todays purchase)
    Cro Molly 16 oz CO2 tank (also new...more later about this)

    Left Black

    Grip frame
    Fore Grip
    Verticle Adapter

    Also Barrels left as they are black and and the SS line left chrome.


    More about the Cro Molly tank: It seems that DOT now exempts Cro Molly Steel CO2 tanks from rehydro for... LIFE! Yes! it's a new regulation change. Cro Molly CO2 tanks are now exempt so you can remove the sticker and have them coated. And they are good for...well...forever! These are the ones with the rounded bottoms (not the flat Aluminum ones)and have NO DATE on them at all.

    So I got one from Paintball Inc and had them leave the valve out for now. They actualy assemble them there as you buy them so no problem for them to do this for me. I got one of the valves with the on/off and when Red gets done with the matching tank coating they are going to install this valve in for me. This is real exciting stuff. They showed me two they had done like this in both blue and red. This will be the sweatest upgrade to match the marker of it all!

    I am still leaning towords the Reptile Green. I hope to have this in the mail to Red in the next few days. We should be able to see this thing completed in a few weeks.

    Any comments?
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    AGD, where we are so good we can do it with only ONE tube!

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