I was at a local store today, the same one that refuses to carry Emags. I asked the guy why it was again that they didn't carry Emags...because the last time I talked to a guy there I got an excuse. I got the same thing this time...here is what I was told:

The Emag is basically a mag with an electronic frame slapped on. And why would we carry a gun that costs about $1000 when we have mag at $200?

It made me think, but I know the Emag isn't just a hypermag. Then I talked about the release of the X-treme Emag and how it will have the anti-chop eye and low pressure mod and cool milling...then the response was:

Yeah, but for $1400 you could just get an angel, a gun that started out aluminum and already milled(or something like that)

And so I started to think of why the Emag costs what it costs...maybe Tom could help me out on the exact figures....for most of the whole gun.

I haven't really seen an Emag under $1000 unless it was a sale and certainly not in cool colors...so I am trying to figure out what justifies the cost of the emag. I'd like to let these guys know. They are gonna be missing out when the X-treme hits the scene! Also I really don't think it's fair to compare it to a classic mag with standard feed and no barrel.