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Thread: What justifies the cost of an Emag?

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    Because, if they sell the SFL for less than the Emag, then what would you rather have? They would get almost no sales of the Emag, and then when they stop production on SFL's(or something) then everyone will be in outrage, because they used to be able to get something that is better, for less money.

    Market economy, people will pay for better things, ussually.
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    SFL has a chunk of aluminum for the body and the reg emag has a stainless tube. I would bet that the chunk of AL takes more time that the stainless tube to make. Also the SFL has interchangeable breaches and the ACE.
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    Ask them this Dave;

    What is the justification for buying a 2000 dollar electro and not being able to use it becuase the battery dies?

    I purchased my Emag, brand new, for just under 1000 bucks and not only did I get a great shooting electro with way more bells and whistels then I will ever need but I also got the best non-electro marker with the fastest recharging valve in the industry.

    I basiclly got two markers for the price of one. Now how can you beat that argument?

    If these goobers want to believe their blind stupidity then you just have to realize that they are beating their heads against a wall that will never move and nothin you can say will ever change that.

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    don't forget advertising, sponsorships, and product support. The materials to make a gun may be only a fraction of the total production cost.
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    I dont know what justifies the cost either. I looked in the online store, and looked at the prices of a lot of the indivitual pieces. It's so expensive.

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    Ok, Im just wondering something else. Look at all of the people that are posting up...Why hasn't Tom said anything yet? I want to know the real truth, straight from the source itself.
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    I didn't stop to think about the behind the scenes stuff, although I am not sure what percentage that adds to the final cost. Stuff like research, and definitely the customer service, although I never thought of AGD's service as having to pay for it, it was always excellent service, excellent product, $ thrown out of the picture. I would really really like to get an Emag(preferable a green to black fade ) and I have seen different prices on them, from the black regular ones from around $899 to the colored ones that go up to $1100. If anything, the incredible quality of the product does more than justify the cost.


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    what is pev? an online stre or something?

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    Another thing you have to put into consideration, is the makers of the gun need to get paid. They don't work for free and they build a lot of Emag's and other automags everyday. So just something else to throw in there.....

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