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Thread: what do u guys think of the x board

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    what do u guys think of the x board

    i was considering gettin one for my rev and then addin the impellar?? paddle. so is it worth it, gettin the x board if i already have intellifeed?
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    I don't think you need the x-board if you already have an intellifeed. Get 1 or the other but I don't feel you need to get both.

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    X-Board and 'Evil' Impeller.

    I picked up both X-Board and 'Evil' Impeller at skyball 2002, both work great! though I personally think the X-Board should be given free to 'BE-ized' Revies. Afterall, it is a fix to a problem BE created. Perhaps AGD has just spoiled me.

    Ive included a link below to a thread I created, showing some Mpeg movies of my 'Evil' Impeller, and X-Board in action.

    X-Board & Evil Impeller Mpeg video demo thread.

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    i don't think the x board is great. I got an xboard revvie the other day because i sold my old one. My old fed better and it was one of the brass eagle ones. my xboard just smaks the balls around. The impellar might fix that though.


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