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Thread: Problem disambling my MAG

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    Problem disambling my MAG

    I hope anyone can understand my terrible english =)
    My MAG won't shoot anymore. . When I try to disamble my MAG i take of the grip. And when I shall take out the regulator with the bolt and everything on it .. I need to press down a small pin ... that access me to take it out .. I hope you guys know what little pin i'm talking about.
    The problem is that the small pin is stuck and I can't press it down anymore ..How can I take my MAG appart =( ?

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    It sounds like the on/off pin is stuck, not allowing you to pull the valve assembly out of the mag body. You should be able to push the pin in by pulling the trigger and releasing it. If not, remove the grip frame from the rail and that should free the the body and valve assembly. Now, if you still can't pull the valve from the body, or push the on/off pin in to free the valve from the body, at least you can pull the on/off pin out so that the valve will come out.

    If the on/off pin was stuck, check for dirt in the on/off when you have the assembly out. Make sure the pin is put back in the proper orientation. It won't work if it is put in backwards.
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    Which pin are you talking about? Is it the little brass looking one that guides the field strip screw? If so just try banging it down with something. It should move, but if it doesn't report back to us!
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