This is the second time I've used my Warp on the field. The first time I ran it on my (RT)Micro w/Vert feed, not one single break all day. This Saturday I ran it on my (RT)MiniMag, w/Intelliframe hooked up to a 12v Revy. (I also have a 12 volt Mod done on my Warp). All batteries were new (yes they were turned on). I'm running two jumpers in the Warp with a medium sensitivity setting. I ran the Warp for the first 5 games and was chopping 3 or four balls per game, all in the breach (up the feed neck). I didn't want to mess with it at the field, so I pulled the Warp off and mounted my Revy on top, didn't chop a ball the rest of the day. For whatever reason, the Warp wasn't keeping up. When I chopped or had a miss fire I would look in the powerfeed neck and it would not be full. I don't know if the Revy's not keeping up or if I need to fine-tune the Warp. (?)