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Thread: Center Feed Mag Barrels: If CP made them, would you buy them?

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    Center Feed Mag Barrels: If CP made them, would you buy them?

    I just got an email from CP stating that they don't produce Center Feed barrels, but in order to start they would have to large demand for the's your chance all you Center Feed Mag shooters...if CP made Center Feed Barrels would you buy them?

    p.s. I only wish Tom could put a little pressure on these companies..heck..i'd pay $50 more on an RT to get it with a CP barrel instead of the normal RT barrel..sorry Tom..I just really like the CP's...

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    Sorry but I wouldn't shoot a CP barrel if it was free.
    I had one CP barrel for my Mag and all it did was break nubbins. And to top it all off CP has some of the worst customer service I've seen in Paintball.

    I just picked up a Freak for my Center feed Emag and it's great so far.
    Paul La Rue

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    I agree. I think that CP barrels are junk. I like their drops, but not their barrels. I had one for my Bushmaster and the bore ID was not even close to the .689 that was stamped on it. The barrel had no accuracy at all. If you need some centerfeed barrels that bad, I can modify any L slot barrel for you. I am a Machinist. I modified all of mine and one of my team mates for our centerfeed EMags. Take a look at the new twistlock hole I milled in the barrel slot.
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    I Love CP Barrels!

    ...but I don't really care for center feed bodies; not on mags, at least.

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    -Edmond Burke

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    Paul and Damage, I feel your pain.
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    Dirtybunny.....have you got the MO? Been over a week since it was sent...

    I wouldnt pay 30-50 extra for a cp, they are pretty nice barrels, but the stock rt/emag barrel is just about as good.

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    Meanwhile, Equation barrels are designed to fit left, right, and center feed mags!!!
    E-Mag's on a diet
    Stay tuned for Pics!!!
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