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Thread: Micro Emag ?

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    Question Micro Emag ?

    Just wanted to know since the micro emag uses the retro valve. Could you use that retro valve on a regular mag? Also could you put the classic valve in the micro emag and make it work? Just wanted to know if this is possible cause i might be getting a used micro emag and wanted to know if i could fool around with the interchangable parts. I could make a classic micro emag and make the emag run on co2 YAY! (just wanted to know if it would work)
    set up: Micro e-mag with 32 degree chrome flame drop, Level 10, 88/4500 crossfire, 12 in CP, 32 degree whisper and ARADUS 14in barrel, EVO II.

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    it will "technically" work, but at high ROF, you will probably experience a heck of alot of shootdown
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    Yea, it'll work. I forget who, but somebody did that. You will probably get liquid Co2 in the valve if you shoot really fast, though.
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    Re: Micro Emag ?

    they fit. I had to try it for S and G's. I laughed maniacally afterwards.

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    Also another question: how many bps can the classice valve achieve without freezing up?

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    depends on your setup and temperature. I ran remote into an expansion chamber. seemed to work fine at extended high rates of fire. (1000 in about 5 minutes)

    I would say though, that for most applications, you are going to see about 9bps.


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