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Thread: long nose bolt

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    long nose bolt

    are all the bolts being sold now of the longnose type i want to pick up a spare bolt for my mag but i want it to be longnose in case my super bolt dies. but i didnt see the option on the online store. also is there any difference int he shape of the fomie vs non fomie bolt nose. if so what is the difference pics would be nice.

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    As far as I know, the only bolts AGD are making, is the now stock Long nose bolt, and the long nose foamy bolt. Also the superbolt, which will resume sale if/when AGD works all the kinks out of it. Unless you buy from a place that has old stock, you should get a long nose bolt. Below is a pic of 3 bolts, which are as follows:

    Stock Long Nose Bolt | Classic Stock Bolt | Foamy Classic Bolt.

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    thx for the pics

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