Up until recently I have been an autococker guy, until I shot a RT. Now I have one and so do two other friends after shooting mine. We all bought used off this web site. All three RTís are a little different, one is a new RT PRO vert feed, one is a year or so old power feed and mine is a SFL RT power feed. I am trying to read as much as I can and still donít have a couple of things answered.

First question- Is a 45 frame for a RT specific to a RT or will a 45 frame from a Classic or Minimag fit. I know the RT PRO does not have a banjo bolt but the older two do, how does these effect things.

Second question- will any automag o-ring kit work in a RT.

Third- I do not have an adjustable regulator on my nitrogen bottle. I have a Center Flag Hyperflo 420 that claims to have a preset pressure of 750 psi +/- The video I received with one of the RTs said not to exceed 700psi. Yet other people on this forum say they put up to 1200psi in there guns. What is the deal and 750psi should not be an issue correct.

Finally- I would like opinions on how some of you like WARP feed on your mags, and how easy are they to set up.

I donít expect you to answer all the questions but your suggestions would be greatly appreciated