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Thread: good and bad feedback about rynoboy06

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    speedball4life Guest

    good and bad feedback about rynoboy06

    the price was good and i got it very quick but.....he lied and told me that it blue come friday afternoon it arrives PURPLE WARP!!!!! but that is the only bad feedback if the warp was blue i would have only good feedback.

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    I have already apologized about this misunderstanding, but the warp is the standard AGD "blue" which does have tones of purple in it. I falsely believed that this was clear from context, as I had called it a "blue" AGD warp, and not a custom shell.

    Edit: In response to his reply below - perhaps the newer ones are blue-er, but I bought it as a "blue" warp. Anyway, he's happy and I did make him an excellent deal on the price, so I'm just going to drop this.

    2X Edit: The proteam warps are true blue. The stock AGD warp that was advertised is purple-blue.
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    speedball4life Guest
    i dont think that i missunderstood you because today at my feild a kid ahad a blue agd warp and it looked BLUE not purple. so we put them next to each other and sure enough mine was a purple and his was a blue

    either way i have a warp an i will be dying it BLUE

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