I am pleased to report that we are going to shoot for the Amateur Open as a release date for the C&C and regular Extremes. Due to the level of interest we are going to make about half the bodies we have into C&C's.

We intend to sell them at Am Open. They will have the LVL10 mods, ACE system and semi only software. I have no price at this time but the C&C's will be over 1000 dollars.

We will have warp feed breaches on sale too. Only one comes with each gun. I know if you are getting a gun we MIGHT be able to get something setup here where you can pay a downpayment and get the color you want. No fades possible in the first batch only solid colors, either polish or dust.

DOWNSIDES: We might not have the best looking ACE printed circuit boards in the first batch. If we can't get professional boards made in time we have to make them here. They will work fine, many people are already using them in the SFL's. It might have a crappy BOX! It might have a lame MANUAL!! We have people working on both but the short time frame might screw things up.

This is a pretty big undertaking and something could go wrong at any time. Please bear with us and understand if it doesn't work out the way we plan.