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Thread: Different ways to Intellifeed

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    Different ways to Intellifeed

    Does anyone know any alternative ways to Intellifeed (maybe using different wires) than the one that AGD uses? Along with ALiens-8-My-Dad (sp?) I don't think a huge cylindrical thing hanging out of my frame is too attractive either. Post pictures and/or links if you can!
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    Well, in order to be able to disconnect the Revy from the gun, you need that connection. You don't have to use those connection plugs, there are smaller ones out there, but you won't find them at Radio Shack.

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    I did a cool mod for use with Warp feed. I put a jack inside the Revvie, and the plug and wire just come out the Intelliframe. I'll try and get pics. It lets you use the Revvie more easily on other guns, cuz you don't have a wire hanging out.
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