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Thread: Rogue Factor Feedback

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    Bought 15* VA blem from him a while ago, I only found this thread just now. Great guy, gave me delivery tracking #. Highly recommended

    feed me rogue!

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    Blade Trigger

    I bought a blade trigger from Rogue. Very nice. Low cost. Quick shipping. I can't wait to get some more of his products.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RogueFactor
    2) Only now that SSP has joined a group of haters that bring negativity to the forums and the sport, he is fabricating a story.

    By a group of haters,.. you mean PBL,... right Rogue?
    Jai "P8ntbal4me" Menard

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    Patience is a virtue
    Quote Originally Posted by SSP REAPER
    I approached Rogue for a simple trade offer. He was looking for a Tiberius8 and some extra mags in trade for some of his RPG items. After eyeballing a sub zero feedneck, retents, and an exile body with ULE slug rail, I approached him via PM. My end of the trade was a tiberius Tac 8 in great condition with 4 mags (yup, not 1 but count them...4!) for his ULE slug rail, an Exile body complete with RPG retents (2 pair) and a sub zero feedneck.
    So we both agreed on the aforementioned items and I had to ship first. No big deal to me because I figured I would be getting some nice new product for my stuff. I go ahead and send a 3 place mag holder and a holster for the thing as good faith along with the tac 8 and the 4 clips. I sent the item USPS priority and insured it because it IS usps. Well the items shipped (and they were packed PERFECTLY with lots of packing paper, bubble wrap and tape) and I waited a week for him to get back to me with receipt of goods. Next message I get from RogueFactor says that the box was damaged and had "contents spilling out of it" and he wants to re-evaluate our trade terms. To me a deal is a deal is a deal, no matter what happens!
    So I say OK, send me some pics and we can get an insurance claim processed (because that's what adults do, purchase insurance to cover any kind of damage). He dogs me for 2 weeks saying his camera is not working and he can't get the pics to load in his comp...all the while costing me precious days until my insurance claim can't be processed. At some point thereafter RF pulls something outta mid air and sends me a package. I got all excited to see his package on my table, until I opened it. Inside the package was an exile SLUG (sans feedneck and detents) and a lonely beat up slug ule rail. I email RF right away and asked for the rest of my stuff, the stuff we agreed upon.
    Well according to Mr. RF, because the package was "damaged" he only felt it was right to send me these two items (with one of them being used). Now I was pretty heated. I asked him politely to send the other stuff we agreed upon, or send me the pics proving the damage. I didn't see either for another 2 weeks. After struggling to get ahold of RF for 2 straight weeks, I decided to ring his bell. I managed to get his phone number and I gave him a call. After several intense arguments about everything I just endured, he decided to send me the remaining items. Needless to say, a month later I saw a package with a USED set of retents, and a USED sub zero inside. I said hell with it and cut my losses with selling those beat up items.
    I was going to write something long-winded and interesting with lots of charts and graphs, in an attempt to be as entertaining as Z-Man. Unfortunately, Im just not that good. What I can tell you is that a screenshot is worth a thousand words, and you can see for yourself that the things stated by SSP above are blatantly false. I take this sort of thing very seriously, so SSP should re-think what he is purporting to be the truth. If you are going to lie, grossly lie with total fabrications, you better make damn sure there isnt anything out there to contradict it.

    And for those reading this that do not know the background, this 'negative feedback' has nothing to do with our trade. Our trade was finished 5 months ago, and he left positive feedback 4 months ago at PBLegion. In the meantime, SSP has become a BigEvil 'mafia'(their silly moniker, not mine) and is fabricating a story to continue their bashing directed towards myself and most things I am involved with. I refrain from posting on AO with any regularity and only when necessary, because some of the moderators on the site are also part of this group. And as a result posts and threads that put them in a poor light are deleted. Its a shame, as this childish stuff that these members wont let go only makes AO and paintball miserable for so many.

    This transaction took place at PBLegion, by PM and by e-mail. As such, and so that this post isnt deleted/edited by those moderators mentioned above, my response is posted here in its entirety:

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    I just bought two raw Strangler Feednecks; I experienced professional service with fast shipping and secure packing.


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    Level 10

    I bought a used level 10 bolt. Another perfect transaction. Description was spot on. Shipping was quick.

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