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Thread: 4500 vs 3000 Flatline tank

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    4500 vs 3000 Flatline tank

    I am planning on picking up a 68/4500 flatline. If it is only filled to 3000 psi, it has the exact same functionality of a 68/3000, correct? I am only asking, as I see numerous people on the Air systems trading forum trying to trade down, as their paintball field fills only to 3000 psi. If I understand correctly, the 3000 flatline, and 4500 flatline are the same weight, the 4500 is just more expensive.

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    Not sure about the weight difference but yes.. the 68/4500 and 68/3000 both have the smae functionality. If you fill the 4500 to 3000 it will last just as long as the 3000 filled to 3000. The only difference would be a bigger bottle (88 or 114 cu/in) I could see the 4500 being a little heavier no more than an ounce or so, just because of the added fiber wrap and the aluminum tank may be a little thicker as well.

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    i had a 68 3000, and now have a 68 4500 flatline and the only diff i see could maybe be weight. 4500 just holds more air.


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    Tank weight

    The only thing that is differnet really is the weight. The walls on the 68/4500 are going to be a little thiker and the valve system is going to be a little heveier and the burst disc is going to be a differnet one. The tanks both perform the same for the marker.

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    Same preformance. One you get more shots off of and is more money, thats basically it.

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