I just wanted to speak my dues here to the rest of the AO community. I think its really a great thing that this many people can come together with just a few things in common, their love of paintball and their love of AGD products. Its amazing that so many strangers can still entrust another user by purchasing a product from a person they may/maynot have ever met. If only this could be said with the whole of humanity, but then we wouldn't be strangers. I want to thank those people who have helped me in the past and will possibly help me in the future. I was gonna list them but theres been so many I can't remember them all. You know who you are..

This message forum actually turned me onto the Forum Community. Before finding this place (after buying a mag) I had nothing to do with them. Now, its kinda like cigarettes, I'm HOOKED. Theres really an atmosphere here thats hard to explain, its like a bunch of friends all helping each other. Its also like a conglomeration of knowledgable people who you can ask just about anything. And someone will be able to either point you in the right direction or give you the answer you need. Its great. If only tech support for other products was this easy!

Don't ask me where this came from.. I guess I'm in a good mood and wanted to share the luvin!

Thanks again