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Thread: Taking apart my ReTro valve for 1st time, need help guys...

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    can you take the on/off assembly out w/out takeing the valve and etc. apart?

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    Any instructions for the older valves?

    I have 2 older automags that I pulled out of the attic and I do not have the video, I have the manual, but it is kind of confusing and faded also. Could anyone (Black?) give me a walk through like Black did for the RT valve?

    Thanks much,


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    I have two mags and this will help no end thanks bud.

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    4 years later thanks Black , just got my first mag an r/t i need the education
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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeDude
    great job BLACK! Hey you should do a step-by-step vid or a post with pics+steps kinda like what miscue did for the lvl 10 vid! That would be soo cool.
    I aggree thanks for the info any good with armageddon regs?

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    just had to post in this thread so I can find it easily when i have to take apart my retro.

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    with thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by BlackVCG
    I try...

    And that took me about 10 min to type up. Knowing this stuff without even having to think about it and being a fairly fast typer helps a bit. I'm just trying to help you guys out with my knowledge. The day nobody appreciates the help I try to offer is the day I'll leave and stop bothering you guys by posting.
    You wrote it in 2002 dude and I am following it to rebuild my mag in 2008 does that tell you how much you're appreciated!
    The reason I bought a mag is this forum! (and cause it's such a cool marker)

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    and used again in 2010! awesome post!

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