Now, before I actually do this, I have to know something. Can I cause damage to the valve/regulator by opening everything up? And the reason I'm going to take it apart is because I want better consistency. I am getting like +/-7 or 8 right now. Will taking it apart and making sure everything is in good shape fix this velocity fluctuation? Or will I be taking it all apart for nothing?

Assuming I cannot harm anything and replacing some things will help my velocity consistency, lets get on with the internals. What sort of things should I look out for? When will I know what needs to be replaced? Coloring? Thickness? Flexibility? For example, my bumper right now is yellow-ish in color, does that mean it needs to be replaced?

When taking apart the valve, can I follow the old maintenance video? Or is that too outdated? What changes are different now? What tools should I have handy when taking it apart? Should I oil everything? Only somethings?

Sorry for all the questions, I just don't wanna screw anything up...