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    Hey guys im kinda new to this whole mag thing and quite frankly i dont even have my mag yet, but what i do want to ask is if im a right handed shooter and i want to add a warp feed to my mag which side should i add it too and is there anything else i should really look towards adding to my mag that ill be getting soon enough.

    Thanks in advance
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    depends on what you're already getting. a recommendation would be to do a search for "upgrades" and see what turns up. this topic is brought up a lot and you will get better and faster answers that way.

    as for the warp, you'll want it on the left side of the gun if you shoot with your right hand.

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    If you shoot mostly with your right hand you probably want the warp on the left. This keeps it inside the bunker more when you are playing out the right side. You want to look for a 'Mag with a Powerfeed that puts the Hopper on the right. That way you can attach the warp to the left side and run the hose straight to the bottom of the Powerfeed. If you look for some pics you will know what I mean. If you want a double trigger the Intelliframe is great. Just got my Intelli and it really improved my Rate of Fire. You can also hook it up to your Warp and Revvy to run them every time you pull the trigger. If you don't already have it you might want to look into High pressure air. I used to shoot my Minimag with CO2 and it shot great, with a remote and x-chamber. Once I got HPA I promised I would never go back to CO2. HPA is so smooth and consistant that you notice a massive difference in preformance. Once you have an HPA set-up you might want to look into getting the Retro Valve. The Retro gives you a reactive trigger and greatly increases Rate of Fire. It can only be run with HPA due to its insane recharge rate. And of course some nice barrels or a barrel and sleeve system like a freak set.

    In truth, if you want to juice your 'Mag you can do all that or leave it the way it is. Mine shot great on CO2 with a nice All American barrel and a Revvy hopper. Real fast and real straight. You don't have to do alot to get a 'Mag laying out some serious balls right where you want them. Hope this helps and have fun with it.
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