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Thread: ******** First LVL 10 Video!! **************

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    ******** First LVL 10 Video!! **************

    Ladies and Gentelmen of AO,

    As all of you know we embarked on one of our famous research projects more than 6 months ago. The goal was simple, to find out why paint chopped and broke down the barrel more in our marker than others. The journey took a new direction when we discovered that it was not the air blast that was hard on the paint but the bolt speed itself.

    Slow speed bolts are friendly on paint, this is the new fact we had to work with. Slow bolts have another problem though, they slow down your rate of fire. The genius of the Level 10 configuration is it’s ability to combine the best of both worlds. The bolt moves slowly where it needs to be gentile on paint but changes gears once it’s in the clear. This “shifting gears” approach is a new and innovative idea in the world of paintball. We predict that you will see this approach spread across marker designs in their attempt to catch up with our technology. More details on this with the next video.

    At no time did AGD ever try to deny that we had a problem. We went out and methodically researched to provide a new product that had real benefits. What we are trying to say is that the title of this video represents how we feel about our work. For you viewing enjoyment, we present, “The Buck Stops Here”

    From all of us at,


    The Buck Stops Here (real video 1 meg)

    10 meg AVI file

    2mb MPEG file

    2mb DivX 5.0.2 file

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