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Thread: Offical LVL10, Reports from the Field Thread

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    -How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly

    It took around 45 minutes to get it to finally work. About ten minutes was used getting familiar with the instructions and parts.

    -The type of gun you're using it on

    RT Pro


    I'm not sure. My gauge is apparently acting funny.

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used

    ZERO chops or breaks. I shot only 300 rounds of paint until my tank was empty. But the paint was 2 year old Proball.

    -Any problems you encountered

    My only problem was getting the carrier back out of the power tube. wesley was on AO chat and told me a pen. I didn't have one handy, so he recommended a small screwdriver - which worked well. Thanks wes!

    -Other general comments

    I forgot the order in which the carriers got larger. Maybe they should be in the instructions 2.0

    My carrier o-rings were also already on the carriers.

    My delrin washer wasn't black. Mine was an off-white color. I was kind of confused by the instructions/picture and with what I had in my kit.

    Other than that, nice job AGD!


    I forgot some info.

    I'm using carrier 2.5 with middle spring.

    My tank is under 800psi right now, so I think that is why my reactivity isn't very reactive. Anybody else getting funny reactiveness? I'll have to refill to tell for sure.
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