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Thread: Offical LVL10, Reports from the Field Thread

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    An update on my mag. I played through the first half of D-Day with it. at least 2000 rounds and not even a barrel break. Everyone I showed was wowed too

    One problem though, I couldn't get it to shoot above 260fps. I'm running 900 psi into the valve....any suggestions?
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    heres the Kevmaster's data

    Gun: PTP Micro Emag 2000

    Setup: Eagle Air 68/3000 adjustable tank with Lapco Autospirit and HALO

    The Old: I would chop all the time with my Mag. no idea why but i couldnt stop chopping paint

    The New: Level ten's installation was a breeze. took me about 30 mins to get everything in and the velo set to around 275. i used two shims, hte longest main spring and the two ring spacer, and right off the bat, everything worked great

    Testing: i put some electric tape on a paintball, put it 1/2 way in the breach and opened fire on it. i pulled the trigger 75 times, pulled the paint out(month old Anarchy--easy to break) and not a MARK!!

    i was the most amazed person around. ive never seen anything like it. i am so happy and will be gloating about level ten all day sunday at my tourny

    thanks AGD!!

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    i'm using the 1.5, 2 shims, and the longest spring works good so far

    *an update will follow saturday after i play at my field

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    GUN: 68 PF mag with retro valve, AGD inteliframe, PMI 88/3000 tank, and freak system with .689 sleeve.

    Time To Install: It took about ten minutes to put it all in and get it to work. I took antoher 10 minutes fine tuning it.
    Final setup was: long spring, 1.0 carrier and 2 shims.

    I tested Diablo blaze, RP premium, and marbs through the gun. I shot about 2500 balls and had not breaks at all. The paint was about 3-4 months old.

    I tried like shooting sideways and the ole tape on the paintball test. NO CHOPS!!

    Air efficiency was a little less, but not a big difference.

    All in all this is a great product.
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    Thumbs up

    -How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly

    30 minutes to install. I spent another 60 minutes tinkering.

    1.5 carrier (the 2 leaked)
    1 shim (2 leaked)
    Middle spring (longest appeared to "hot")

    -The type of gun you're using it on

    Automag Classic PF


    Don't know. It doesn't appear any different, but I have only shot 200 rounds or so and don't have a chrono.

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used

    Diablo blaze and PMI Premimum that are at least three months old. No breaks or chops. I did the hold a ball part way in with tape and shot it 20 times or so. I could not get a break no matter how bad I short stroked it.

    -Any problems you encountered

    I think that I might like the bolt to vent earlier but adding a shim causes it to leak. I would like thinner shims.

    -Other general comments

    This is amazing! I called a buddy of mine up to show it off. I have told him all about it before and he has seen the videos. His jaw still dropped when I did the taped ball "trick". He turned away when I put my finger in the breach and pulled the trigger! I did get him to do it after I did. I need to get to the field so I can chrono it, but I believe it is firing at least 270. I can't wait to show this thing off!
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    Can someone who works in the upper levels of AGD, like TOm Kaye or someone, PM me please..I have a question for yall.......
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    I found that after putting two cases of paint through my new Level 10 kit that i developed a very slight leak in the power tube from time to time. I removed the o-ring carrier and installed the next smallest size and the leak stopped. Apparently the o-ring "broke in" and was a tiny bit too loose.

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    This kit truely is all its turned out to be! I got mine in today and installed it using the quick-install instructions in under 5 MINUTES!!!

    Now at this point since it went in perfectly, did not leak, and I did not even have to turn the velocity up, I thought the bolt would still have a significant amount of force.

    I was wrong. It was feather light, and I was even chrono'd at 435!!!

    I got the velocity all the way down to 240 without even having to change the setup.

    Another big surprise to me was that after about putting 300 shots through it the foamy was still secure on the bolt!

    I was using the exact setup in the quick-start instructoins.

    I am simply amazed at this wonderfull product which has completly changed my entire automag. It no longer chops, it is quieter, it has less recoil, and I LOVE the new and improved feel of the trigger!


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    Things we'll be looking for:

    -How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly

    Approximately 10 mins using Tom's fast setup. Fired a hundred shots or so to break in the o-ring then experienced a little leakage. I'm running low on air so I stopped and changed to the next smaller carrier and no more leaking. Fired some more shots and all appears to be functioning properly.

    Final config is 1.5 carrier, 2 shims, and the longest spring from the kit. Not chrono'd yet but it appears to be about normal (280 +/-). I'll update this as well after I play.

    I haven't got the guts to try my finger yet but it stops on a pen cap and is gentle. I need some more air before I can do much more. Sorry.

    Total time start to finish 20 mins with fine tuning and breakdown of the marker.

    -The type of gun you're using it on



    Can't judge at this time. I'll update my post after actually playing a few games with it.

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used

    No breaks. Using Marbs in the yard.

    -Any problems you encountered


    -Other general comments



    EDIT: I finally chrono'd and I'm getting weird consistancy. Using the RT chrono procedure, I'm getting a hot first shot (around 300-309) and then subsequent shots are in the 260-280 range. I'm not really concerned about the 260-280 range (I was using potentially bad paint) as much as the first shot being over 300. Any ideas? I've checked and searched the forums and all I really see is talk about the reg seat. I just bought this gun used and I went through the valve and replaced all the o-rings. The only one I didn't replace was the quad o-ring as I had an RT parts kit for an EMAG.
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    number one carrier, 0 shims.

    i used a variety of mixed paint, with excellent results. 0 chops! I also did a test where i twisted the barrel to pinch a ball in place of the bolt. no malfunctions.

    if there's one thing i can say, its here.

    BTW: this was all done on a HPA minimag.

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    -How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly:

    1. Middle spring.
    2. 1.5 Carrier
    3. No shims.
    4. Oil everything.
    5. Turn up velocity by two revolutions.
    6. Blank fired 3000 psi worth of air out of 4500 tank.

    Thanks for Musikman for his patience and input in regards to my level 10 installation and Army's motivation in convincing me of putting my finger into the breech. My actual installation time was 15 minutes. Getting familiar with the instructions and my ways around took about a good hour.

    -The type of gun you're using it on is my '98 RT.


    Although I haven't put any paint through it, I'm assuming there is a decrease in efficiency due to a lots of hisses while firing.

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used:

    Like I said, I haven't put any paint thru it. But since my finger wasn't chopped off,no holes in the dollar bill test, and the taped up paintball test, I'm assuming I should be ok.

    -Any problems you encountered:

    Problems encountered excluding what was covered on the installation sheet was:

    1. Slight leak from the back of the RT. This was fixed by turning down my velocity by a couple of notches.

    2. I can hear an occasional leak after blank firing a few times. But the leak tends to stop somewhere along the line.
    On two occasions, the gun will not fire at all but there is pressure on the trigger.

    -Other general comments: Let's hope this works.

    I will continue to experiment with different carriers and adding shims to it once I'm on the field and have a chrono available for me to have a more precise feedback. So far, I haven't encounter any major problems and it is looking good.

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    -The type of gun you're using it on
    Mag 1: Retro valve, Warp body, Benchmark body rail, Intelliframe, SmartParts 12" SS barrel, 88 ci Armageddon tank @ 1000 psi output

    Mag 2: Classic valve, Minimag body, standard body rail, Intelliframe, Dye 12" Aluminum barrel, 48 ci constant output Crossfire tank

    -How long it took you to get it installed
    Mag 1: 1 hour (used the long instructions & did a lot of tweaking)

    Mag 2: 20 minutes

    ...and what your configuration was to get it working properly

    Mag 1: 0.5 Carrier, 4 shims, longest spring

    Mag 2: 1.5 Carrier, 3 shims, shortest spring


    Marginally less efficient on both Mags.

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used

    JT Maxim. Over 2000 rounds per mag, not a single break in either.

    -Any problems you encountered

    Difficult to remove carriers & shims from powertube (but not that big a deal).

    -Other general comments

    The Lvl 10 is simply a thing of beauty...

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    I just got back from my first day of play/tourney with level 10 installed in my mag. I encountered a slight leak so I moved down to the 1.5 carrier.

    After that my mag worked FLAWLESSLY ALL DAY. 0 chops, 0 breaks, and I encountered alot of pinches.

    Needless to say my team The Pink Fluffy Bunnies who had been together for one day before the tourney placed 3rd!


    Just recently while i was reffing i decided my mag wasnt being put to good use sitting in my gear bag so i thought "why not try the *newbie torture test*..."

    I let multiple newbies try my mag during the day. They were all very impressed and needless to say i got a lot of GREAT comments from them about it. And the best part was i didnt have to clean it after! God only know what kind of paint they were using in it.

    The greatest part was this: Two other refs at my field decided to do the same as me. One has a tricked impulse vision and the other a significantly upgraded autococker.

    The impulse vision chopped the first ball and failed to work after that due to paint blocking the eye.

    The autococker was having timing problems throughout the entire day.

    Lets just say my mag was the newbie marker of choice by the end of the day, and i think some of the newbs already know what their next marker will be.
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    I played today (7-20) and I can definatly say that I've never been more happy with my mag than ever before.

    I shot 1200 rnds of Great American Paintballs, which were approx 3-5 bounce paint, without a single barrel break, chop, or breach break.

    I was having some issues with my warp-feed, and While i was taking out the battery, i ripped up the clippy thingie, so i had to play the last round with a "normal" setup :P Going to have to get a soldering iron out

    One thing that I was having problems with was my velocity changing throughout the day, and having my marker not fire. I have the middle spring now, and 1 shim. I also JUST replaced the reg-seat, so I was wondering what was going on. I guess I'll have to look into it. Perhaps I need a tourney lock or something :P

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    I have to tell my story... I sold all my other guns to go back to a mag after reading about the level 10...
    It took me now 3 days and counting to get the bugs out of my level 10. It took me 5 min to get it together but still having bolt stick problems.
    3 shims... 4 and it leaks
    bounce back and forth between longest spring and medium.

    one break which was during the tape trick to show it off but I think it was because I was using the smallest spring.
    since then I have not broken any paint but I have bolt stick problems that have to be ironed out.
    Running a 45/45 and have not been able to see how efficent the gun is running...
    My outlook is grand and looking forward to shooting a mag again after 7 years...

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    Minimag with classic valve amd 20oz anti-siphon tank

    took me 20 minutes + about 20 more at the field tryin to get it chornoed

    first it was 1.5 carrier with longest spring, and it shot fine but when i got to the field i saw it was shooting at 320fps and if i turned it down anymore the marker would not fire, so i switched to the shortest spring and my gun chronoed right in at 280 and stayed there the whole day!

    i didn't notice any change in efficency but it sure doesn't give you any warning when your about to run out of air

    no chops or breaks and this was when i was TRYING to make it chop, i shot about 2000 rounds of proball + some field paint

    the only problem i encountered was my bolt stuck foward once, but i just put some oil throught it and it worked fine the rest of the day

    level 10 is awsome it gives my gun no kick and no chops this think is truly amazing (i love my mag)

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    guys and girls i put my level 10 kit in the 18 of june at far iv shot over 25 boxes of paint in it from kickn to diablo.iv had no choping.iv put my gun on auto and still no chop .dont you just love it. im shooting a sfl with ace and level 10 kit and a 68/45 crossfire tank.

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    -How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly

    15 minutes to install. took 30 minutes to break in the o-ring

    1.5 carrier
    2 shims
    middle spring

    - The type of gun you're using it on

    Minimag pf


    Same as before.

    - Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used

    1500 Diablo Blaze - no breaks/chops
    500 Tomahawk - no breaks/chops
    coulnīt get a break/chop - also if I triggerd like hell with hopper off

    - Any problems you encountered

    No problems. Longest spring is a little bit to near the 300fps .

    - Other general comments

    Itīs really great! On league day, i had to explain the lvl10 to more than 10 people ... and show them the "finger test" ... GREAT!!!
    Middle spring works great in a range from 250fps to 300fps.
    Greets Manuel
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    2 kits
    one in a micromag
    one in a clasic
    -How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly
    clasic 15 mins #2 carrier 0 shims mid spring (could not get the gun to fire with the long spring?)
    micro 15 mins #2 carrier 2 shims mid spring

    -The type of gun you're using it on
    clasic with retro valve emag body and benchy 2x frame 68 3k flatline set to 850 psi
    micro with retro and benchy 2x frame preset48 3k

    slightly decresed not sure on #s yet

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used
    rp advantage,pmi,diablo blaze,and white box generic paint
    4000 rds no chops no breaks!!!

    -Any problems you encountered
    bolts needed to be sanded to fit bodys but other than that
    no problems unless having people crowd you and ask alot of questions is a problem

    -Other general comments
    I think the lvl ten kits will give the mag back some of the respect it seems to have lost in the paintball community.... this thing kicks butt
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    -How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly
    About 1 1/2 hours between two days.

    -The type of gun you're using it on
    RT Pro #00462*** #1 carrier, 2 shims, long spring
    *** Have since changed to the one that looks like the main spring. ***

    Unknown at this time. Was low on air to begin with.
    ***Shot about 600 or so rounds through before I was low enough that shooting was no longer an effective deterrent to coming closer to the flag station. 68ci 3000 psi. Shot around 255fps.***

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used
    Playing this week
    ***2000 rounds 32 Degrees Competition Paint (green shell, pink fill) and about 95+ degrees. Nasty humidity. No chops. No breaks. Even under "trigger fanning" conditions.***

    -Any problems you encountered
    Just took a little while to find the right carrier. After reading the Extended instructions as well as some of the other posts, I was able to get it working.
    ***Started venting out the back w/ the spring (had the coil cut off) so I switched to the one that looks like the main spring. Works great. ***

    -Other general comments
    SWEET! I did the "tape on paintball" and it worked flawlessly. I couldn't get the dollar bill one to work though. Bent the bill.
    ***Went to Skrimish USA. Gun tech was impressed (had to fix an o-ring in the tank) and showed everybody else. (did the finger trick- first time so I was somewhat apprehensive. but I figure- if it doesn't kill the ball, it won't kill my finger.)***
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    Took me about a half hour or so to up in my LVL10. Started late one night and had to finish in the morning cause I was tired. I'm using 3 shims and the 1.5 carrier.

    Type of gun- SFL e-mag

    Efficiency-Seems like alittle less then before

    Breaks/chops- one down the barrel last weekend with kickin paint. 0 chops shoting diablo blaze at a tourney today.

    Problems- None till today I started to get a small leak but would go away and come back. Probably started leaking cause I was showing it off so much. I'm going to oil it tonight and maybe try a smaller carrier if it leaks next time I play.

    General Comments- Awsome upgrade I haven't been carrying my squeege at all for the last 2 weekends. Peoples reactions at the tourney today were funny. I heard 2-3 people say they wanted an e-mag or upgrade there old mags. They couldn't believe that the lvl10 works in all mags and is under $100. I even showed one ref what happens when I turn of my revy he was like dude you'll chop. Now his reaction was the best of the day Tom you did an awsome job once again and I'll be sure to spread the word everytime I go out and play.

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    -How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly

    Installed ona previous day (about an hour, probably more tinkering time needed now though)
    1.5 carrier 3 shims
    brass spring

    -The type of gun you're using it on

    Classic Mag w/ std feed


    No idea

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used

    Many breaks no chops
    couple month old marbs.

    -Any problems you encountered

    I had serious issues, I think my spring was too long.
    Basically the gun would fire, then stop firing. Sometimes when it didn't fire, it would make the ball pinching sound then reset, sometimes the bolt would just not fire at all.
    At the crono I was very inconsistent (but probably because of the cool temps and CO2) However when it warmed up during the day, I would crono around 310-320, turn it down, crono at 285 (the field limit). During one game, the gun would just not fire. Again I think the spring is too long. Would that be the case?

    -Other general comments

    When the gun was shooting I LOVED it, I love the lvl 10 sound the gun makes =P I shortstroked for some of the AOers there and the gun simply fed a few balls down the tube causing me to double fire.
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    -How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly

    It took about 30 minutes.

    -The type of gun you're using it on

    Minimag w/ReTro Valve and Intelliframe

    Have not shot paint with it yet.

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used

    Have not shot paint with it yet.

    -Any problems you encountered


    -Other general comments

    I used the carrier with one groove. (There are 2, and one of those worked for me.) I began with the 2 groove carrier but it leaked, so I went down one size. I also used 2 shims.

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    lvl 10 report

    ok, after burning thru a complete 68/45 trying to get the thing tuned, i hauled it down to my local proshop and sponsor, to make sure i could get it tuned and happy in one shot.
    time to install: about 1 hour with trying different carriers and all.

    carrier used: 1.5 with 1 shim.

    breaks: 0 ... shooting 500 rounds of really crappy pmi premium that had been riding around in my trunk, podded, in 90+ degree weather, since the last tourney.
    breaks with proshops chrono paint( ancient brittle 1 drop 6-12 month old marbs.) 0. in 1000 rounds. folks we have a winner.

    only issue is getting enough velocity. with the middle spring it's 280-310+ and with the stock spring it's 210-250

    and with the long spring, it will not fire. so we'll see what happens there.
    when i finally got it tuned and showed the shop owner and manager and the bench tech what lvl 10 could do, their eyes got really big and their mouthes dropped open.
    "that is a HUGE advantage" was the resounding response as was "there are gonna be a LOT more people shooting mags" they were stunned.
    and wildly impressed.
    way to go AGD!

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    - It took me about 30 mins to install , after fine tuning adjusting and trying different setups it took about 1 hour total.

    -I am using it on a Micro-mag RT vert feed

    - using RPS marbilizer , and PMI Advantage out of 600 paintballs 0 chops.

    -carrier used 1.0 w/ 2 shims

    -Had no problems with velocity , effiency is same as before .

    - I have had no problems with the bolt at all , I shot 500 yesterday , normally i chop at least 4 - 5 , now I chop/bust none . Very pleased with product , now when I outrun my 12 Revy i don't have to squeegee. It is a very good product I would recommend it to anybody with a mag.
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    Talking lvl 10 on an rt

    Installed the lvl 10 on my Rt and used the quick start and was up and running in about 15 minutes. I used the number 2 carrier and the middle spring.
    On the field i had a few problems with the middle spring, It would sometimes not want to fire so I switched to the stock bolt spring and didn't have any more problems with sticking all day. I didn't have a chop all day using older Nelson Anarchy (pretty brittle). I did have a few barrell breaks (due to double feed I think). The stock spring does hit the ball a little harder but not enough to chop.

    I think everyone was suitably impressed by the RT's performance. I really had a great time getting on the trigger and not chopping paint.
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    I played 2 days at the monster game so I figure I would give some more input. I shot about 500 slam balls, 1000 hellfire, and 200, el tigre. about 1700 shots. I used a total of 14500 psi worth of punches on my fill card for the 2 days. Which is more then usuall I wa unable to split a card this year.

    I had 0 chops and only 1 break It was eltigre and it was torn by the edge or the freak insert when it was shot. My batteries died in my revolution about with about an hour left on the last day.

    I started with the medium spring and I had problems then gun would shoot fine then just start plopping balls out 10 feet infront of the barrel and some wouldnt make it out of the breach. I thought it was batteries in my hyperframe after 2 battery switches I finally decided it had to be the main spring not the battery. But manny times low batteries cause a similar effect for me.

    Overall the event was excelent. I was shootin at 270 to 275 fps with occasional spikes to 279. With the lower kick of the superbolt 2 and the brittle hellfire paint and the electronic trigger. I was able to put my balls on target and get them to break at huge ranges It was easier to keep the gun stable and line up my shots. This was my first time where I never went against a single person or group where at long ranges I felt my aim was as good or better then the other player. I dont really Like long balling but at this type of game when there might be a hundred or more guys at a front you dont always have a good fron bunker you can get into that offers cover from angles. So I picked up a ton of easy kills from people who were wide open but thought at a safe ranges.

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    need some help here..

    hey guys.

    i need some help!

    got he Level 10 a few weeks ago.

    finally got to the park


    easy to put it all together if you think about it and just dont rush into things.
    took my 15 minutes to put in. but quite a bit longer to get it working and still have some problems.

    minimag, intelliframe, flatline 3k

    have not really noticed any though i havent taken notes on it.

    before i had it chroned, i was shooting about 3 year old pmi paintballs from when i started. no breaks. shot about 1000 standard pmi from the field no breaks, but read on.

    maybe i am a bad installer, but please read on :]

    ~~Ok, am on the smallest carrier due to leaks down the barrel.
    ~~two shims
    ~~the wierd main spring (shaved)
    ~~input pressure of about 800psi
    i left the park after shooting ALOT to try and get my gun working in the 270fps range. in the end i had the above setup with a very consistent FPS in the 270s range.
    I was happy and decided to take a few more shots as fast as i could, no breaks and left the park as it was getting dark.

    I got home and gassed up to play with the bolt :] . The trigger was pressurized but the gun would not fire. this requires a increase in velocity for the gun to funtion. an increase in velocity puts me over 280 fps. would a increase in input pressure help my problem?

    when i first started to chrono, my pressure was low, a bit more then 700. i had the shaved spring in and when i eventually got the marker to fire (after turning up the velocity) it was shooting way hot, 320s. so i increased to pressure to 800 and am here now. at the park i worked with the other springs as well. the one just longer then the stock lvl 7 spring worked fine to my knoweledge, but i wanted to get the standard shaved one to work.

    before i had any problems with just the trigger being pressurized and the marker not firing, i would somtimes experience a short stroke that would fart a ball out at a real slow speed, maybe 20 fps? and because i was firing as fast as i could another ball would come up right behind it and shatter it. this resembles a nasty chop but cleary nothing happened in my barrel or near my bolt. my balls collided in mid air.

    any help would be great.

    i may start all over next time i got to the park and try again :[
    (get my gun working right again and then upping the velocity by two turns)

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    Woodbury, MN


    Changed out the middle spring for the stock spring on both the RT's I'm working on to get them to chrono a bit lower 225-250 for indoor play. Discovered a nice side effect, both RT's now go full reactive with little effort.

    Ref: "Turn off full auto, you're scaring the newbies."
    Me: "Sure thing."

    I hold the marker up to my face and say...

    "Full auto disable"

    ...and act like I'm listening for a response from the marker. Shake the RT twice for good measure.

    "Full auto mode disable!"

    ...still listening intently. Shake it again even harder.

    "Damn, it's not working! Here, you try."

    ...handing it to the ref, he looks at it for a sec and laughs.

    Ref: "Reactive trigger?" Me: "Yep, a direct result of the level 10 mod I just put in, it goes reactive without much effort."

    Ref turns and fires a few rounds at the wall, after a few tries he gets it to shoot reactive. Ref hands the RT back...

    "Real nice, I didn't believe the level 10 hype, but seeing scream through paint like that on full reactive was unbelievible, I gotta get that upgrade for sure."

    -Evil Bob

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    Apr 2002
    Level 10 came yesterday (monday) 23rd

    -How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly:
    No air yet but i had it installed in 5 minutes, really simple. Number 2 carrier, 2shims, medium spring. The 2 carrier has a a little resistance to the bolt sliding, not much but i may have to switch to the number 2 1/2 carrier because it doesnt grip the bolt as much.
    (edit) worked perfectly, gassed up, cranked the velocity adjuster up till it fired, chrono'd 280.

    -The type of gun you're using it on
    Vert feed emag 1728


    Dont know, will edit after i get air(edit, about the same, maybe a tad lower)

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used
    Will edit(edit, System x aftermath field paint, 2500 shot 0 chops 0 breaks)

    -Any problems you encountered
    None so far(edit NONE WHAT SO EVER)

    -Other general comments
    Very simple install with the regular instructions, should be a big hit, love the bolt too. Kit comes with alot of extra carriers so it will work with every gun
    (edit) showed it to many people at splatmasters in colorado springs, noone was to into it because it was (still a mag) i was a little upset about how blind people were to it.
    I love it, my friends love it. I did demonstrations of it and i put a ball in the chopping position and fired 140 times to i finally gave up because it wouldnt chop. I played a game of hyperball with a non electro hopper and fired wicked fast to show how i couldnt break if i tried.
    Guy with a timmy came up to me and said, my gun can do that, ok lets go then, we puts it upside down, ball in breach, trigger goes, BAM paint EVERYWHERE, in the gun, up the tube, down the barrel, seeping out the eye covers, funny stuff, low pressure my ***.

    Way to go Tom
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    Level 10 Centerfeed polished Emag With J&J 2 peice.
    Level 7 Powerfeed left 68 Mag' With J&J ceramic barrel.

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