WOOT! Level ten is here!

-How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly:

13min 49sec. First try. 1.5 carrier two shims. Stock spring on a 68 classic. Clocked in at 245.

-The type of gun you're using it on:

68 automag classic, standard feed


Saw no appreciable difference (usuing CO2)

-Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used:

700 rounds of 3 year old, nasty, dimpled proball and brass eagle. Fanned the trigger over the chronny with revvy off. Zero chops, 0 breaks. For my last 10 shots I cracked them all with my o ring pick. Smeared some paint down the feed tube to slow feeding. Fanned the trigger, the bolt stopped in 8 of 8 instances and shot the paint 9 of 9. This is already 3 year old cracked, dirty paint. The tenth round was so dirty that it never dropped into the breech. Unreal.

-Any problems you encountered

None whatsoever.

-Other general comments:
Great Job! Awesome trigger pull, no kick and no chops! Amazing. I had a crowd around me at the chrony station for 2 hours while I put it through it's paces.